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Information and resources for all canard aircraft, including Long-EZ, VariEZE, Cozy III, Cozy MkIV, Berkut, Dragonfly, Quickie, and Velocity Aircraft.

Find these resources in the Squadron III Library folder of the documents section.

Note: the number prefix indicates the construction plans chapter number. See end of page for source abbreviations.

Squadron III Library Index / Bibliography

1CP1 10-90 RAF Ad for TERF CD-Rom Encyclopedia
1CP2 Long EZ Brochure
1CP3 LongEZ Plans Changes - all chapters
1CP4 1980 Long EZ plans-back page
1CP4 March 1984 Company Description of RAF
1CS1 1-08 CSA Index
1CS1 10-15 Central States Index of all articles
1DO1 4-87 Plans Updater - David Orr
1DO2 1-86 CP-Index David Orr
1DO4 EZ Costs - Chapter by Chapter by David Orr
1DO4a EZ Costs - Chapter by Chapter by David Orr
1MS1 N3R Long EZ 320 Owners Manual 7-86
1MS2 Apr 2006 Burt Rutan on safety information and someone copying the CPs
1MS3 The Hole-in-the-Wall by David Orr
1MS4 4-20 Varieze Canard Pusher Notes collected by Todd DeVito
1SIII1 History of the Clubs Mailings and Educational Resources - David Orr
2AP1 Jul 93 pg 65 Kit-Built Conundrum - when walking the used-homebuilt tightrope keep your eyes
2CA1 March21 Long discussion of what Pot Life is in Epoxy by Gary Hunter
2CP1 Dec 02 pg 106-1 Feather Lite Inc. Price list
2CS1 Oct 93 pg18 Clark Foam no longer offered-try Glastafoam
2CS2 7-96 pg 43-5 2000 Fitzgerald Composite Experience Clint Webster
2CZ07 Dec 2022 The origin and purpose of MGS Epoxy by Gary Hunter.docx
2CZ08 Dec 2022 A new epoxy Poly Epoxy and a summary of other sources by Gary Hunter.docx
2CZ09 Aging on exposed composite materials by Gary Hunter 12-22.docx
2CZ1 Fall 98 CZ61pg3-4 Epoxy Systems and post cure by Nat Puffer
2CZ2 Apr19 What if you mix epoxies inadvertently - response by Gary Hunter
2CZ3 Sep12 Woodpulp Extract blurb supplied by Steve Mulqueen
2CZ4 10-20 InsulFoam IX 2lbs-2 foam
2CZ5 Nov11-Dec12 Collection of discussions on Epoxy and post-curing in Cozy blog
2CZ6 Nov20 Offers his design of a heat tent for better curing - Wayne Hicks.
2DN1 DF36-4-6 Resin Systems 1996
2DO16 Oct 83 Used from Salvage - David Orr
2DO5A Aug 85 EZ Costs chapter by chapter item by item - David Orr
2DO6B 4-13 Suppliers Services - David Orr
2KP31 Mar 2019 pg 46 Making Sandable Glue-Filler Foam Mixtures
2MS10 Early AeroCad prefab skins discussion 11-14
2MS19 Nov 96 Nat Puffer on Fitzgerald Parts
2MS2 Brock Catalog in different form 2004
2MS2 Brock Catalogue Pg 00 Cover
2MS20 Pipeline Billets for Defiant wing foam per Rutan 1988
2MS21-1 1-16 Featherlite Cozy II price list
2MS21-2 3-16 Featherlite Cozy Mark IV price list
2MS21-3 2016 Featherlite Defiant Parts Price List
2MS21-4 3-16 Featherlite Long EZ price list
2MS21-5 1-16 Featherlite Varieze Price list
2MS22 Featherlite cozy price list 12.2017-1
2MS22-2 Featherlite LE price list 12.2017-1
2MS22-3 Featherlite VE Price list 12.2017-1
2MS22-4 Featherlite Cozy IV Price list 12.2017-1
2MS22-5 3-18 AeroComposites Defiant Parts Price List
2MS23 EpoxyDoDonts by Gary Hunter
2MS24 5-99 Epoxy Discussion with Gary Hunter - MGS and other epoxies
2MS25-1 Mar18 AeroComposites Price list Varieze
2MS25-2 Mar18 AeroComposites Featherlite Price list for Long EZ
2MS25-3 Mar18 AeroComposites-Featherlite Price list Cozy IV
2MS25-4 Mar18 AeroComposites-Featherlite Price list for Cozy III
2MS25-5 Mar18 AeroComposites Price list Defiant
2MS26 4-20 The Scratch test and resins sitting too long Gary Hunter
2MS27-LEZ Mar20 AeroComposites Long-EZ Price list 5-21
2MS59 Document missing - AirSport Article on Mark Spedding
2SA10 Dec 19 pg 12 EAA Introduces Free Online Builder s Log for Members
2SA5 Oct 2014 page 100 Nord-Lock Wedge Washers by Charlie Becker
2SA6 Apr 16 pg 24 Knowing What Not to Do building is Important - by Budd Davisson
2SA7 Jan 16 Pg 111 Getting Started - 10 Pre-Building Concepts That Foster Success by Budd Davisson
2SA8 Jul 19 Workshop Discipline - Help for those of us who have none by Budd Davisson
2SA9 Dec 19 Pg32 What Should Be in Your Builder s Log by Lisa Turner
2SIII1 July 2014 Gary Hunter on Best Epoxy for building commenting on UK options
2SIII2 Jan 20 Schratt Friend s faux images - the Rutan collextion in one hangar
2VV1 8-17 Discussion about stiff fiberglass by Steve Thayer
3AC1 Jan 1985 pg 5 Used Aircraft Guide - Rutn VariEze and Long EZ
3AC1a 1985 Used Aircraft Guide by Aviation Consumer
3AC2 Mar 1985 pg 18 Safety Record of the Rutan Canards
3AC3 Aug 1981 Long EZ Update
3AIP1 Sep 1975 Pg 30 The Canard Unchained - Burt Rutan s got it glass backwards by Peter Garrison
3AIP3 1983 Pg 74 Long and Easy - FLying the Latest From the Rutan AIrcraft Factory by Budd Davisson
3AIP8 Nov 1983 Pg 24 Homebuilt Polarization - Polarization Is the Name of the Game by Budd Davisson
3AP01 Aug 1987 pg 99 Easy Street The VariEze-Long-EZ alternative by Mark R. Twombly
3AP02 Aug 1988 pg 77 Burt Rutan Different by Design
3AP04 1984 Rutan Eying More Records Dick buys Berkut
3AP05 1979 Pg 32 The Building of a Varieze by Dan E. Hogan
3AP06 Dec 97 pg 108 The Gender Gap by Thomas H. Haines
3AP07 12-18-15 Indy Car Speed with Prius Fuel Consumption - Klaus Saviers Long EZ by Dave Hirsch
3AP08 Sep 2011 pg 98 - Whats Right with Experimental Aviatiation
3AP10 Jun 13 The Unlikely Astronaut - Mike Melvill s Journey into Space - Mike Fizer
3AT2 Aug21 Contract calls for Red 6 to provide safer more efficient training infrastructure...AeroTe
3CA07 Jun 2022 Petra's Verieze checkout described.docx
3CA1 4-20 High Speed of the Long EZ Airframe discussion of Blackler and Savier
3CA1 9-20 How to keep BID oriented and techniques to lay up by various canard guys
3CA2 Apr 2021 Websites for beer can models
3CA2 Mar21 Burt Rutan on Copying his plans in answer to Bob Chester
3CA3 Nov 2021 Bill Allen on Diesel Long-EZ .docx
3CA3 On laminar flow and canard-wing relationship Jacob Vissers and Klaus Savier
3CA4 On laminar flow and canard-wing relationship Jacob Vissers and Klaus Savier.docx
3CA5 Apr 2022 How to avoid adding ballast in an O-320 or O-360 Long-EZ by Klaus Savier.docx
3CA6 Jan 2022 Klaus Savier's Opinion on the flat plate area of the EZs .docx
3CP01 Long-EZ Fast - Efficent - High Utility - Long Range
3CP02 Long-EZ Documentation - Specs
3CP03 Jul 1999 The X Prize The First Prize for Private Human Spaceflight Burt s Osh 96 tent seminar
3CP04 2-20 Burt Rutan sent me this as a copy of an AOPA note on his Space speeches
3CP04 Long EZ cut-away drawing by Jim Newman 1982
3CP06 Nov 1990 Summary of Varieze plans references in the CPs by Dick Greer.pdf
3CP07 1982 Lucky You Fly the Long-EZ CP34-P3.html
3CP07 Nov90 VariEze Index to the Canard Pusher by Bill Greer and Bill James
3CP08 1980s Baggage ad from old CP.pdf
3CP54 Rodewald story from the CPs.html
3CPL1 Mar 2002 Working on a Legacy - The EZ Hangar by Ann McMahon
3CS01 Jan 1992 CS25-4 A Racing Fool by Tom Coughlin
3CS03 Apr 1993 CP30-16 World Record Flight - David Timm s altitude record
3CS04 Vukos Style Mods
3CS06 Oct 1993 CP32-8 Long-EZ SPEED SPEED and more SPEED - Steve Irwin
3CS07 Oct 1993 CS32-14 Harshelling by Jim Cullen
3CS08 Jul 1992 CS27-2 Gary Hertzler s cowl mods
3CS09 Apr 1994 CS34-17 Foam Core Cuting With Inconel Wire and Pour Foam by Jim White
3CS10 Apr 1994 CS34-24 EZ-XP - A Long-EZ the Miller Way
3CS11 Oct 1994 CS36-28 PPZAD - A Remarkable Story - To Chile in a Long EZ
3CS12 Jan 1994 CS33-10 Another World s Record for Gary Hertzler
3CS13 Jul 1996 CS43-23 Jim Price Sets C-1a World Altitude Record
3CS14 Jul 1996 CS43- Resin Systems Discussion by Schubertord
3CS15 July 1996 CS43 page 7 EZE Racing by Rob Martinson
3CS16 Jul 1996 CS43-8 Florida Gathering - Jesse Groh
3CS17 July 1992 - CS page 2 Gary Hertzler s performance Tips
3CS18 Jul 1996 CS43 pg 24 PP-ZAD to Euope Osh to Home Part 3 Andre Debert
3CS19 Jul 1996 CS43 pg 28 Fastener Failures
3CS20 Jul 1995 CS39 pg 14 Elecgtric Nose Gear Lift Safety Consideration
3CS21 Jul 1995 CS39 pg 17 Sanders Long-EZ Flies
3CS22 Jul 1995 CS39 pg 19 Fuel Cap Corrosion
3CS23 Jul 1995 CS39 pg 20 Make a Varieze
3CS24 CS pg22 Brazil to Dakar Senegal in a Long EZ Andre Deberdt
3CS25 July 95 CS39 pg 24 Power Micro Sander by Bruce Vinnola
3CS26 Oct 1996 24 Lycoming 505 AD Issues - David Orr
3CS27 Oct 96 Pg 25 2427 Resin Related Fuel Stoppage by Valarie Harris
3CS28 Oct 1996 pg 30 Klaus Savier s OSH Aircraft Performance Forum
3CS29 Oct 1995 CS40 pg 26 Herb Sanders - Long-EZ
3CS30 Oct 1995 CS40 pg 25 Car Denk - Cozy Classic
3CS31 Oct 1995 CS30 pg27 Gary Hertzler s Varieze by Gary Hertzler
3CS32 Oct 1995 CS 40 pg 30 Jim Peck s Long EZ by Jim Peck
3CS33 Oct 1995 CS40 pg 29 Bob Davenport s Long EZ by Bob Davenport
3CS34 Copy of CSAIndexClean 12-13 Terry Schubert
3CS34 Dec 98 49CS pg14 Doug Shane Receies Kinchelo Award
3CS35 Jan 1998 CS49 pg18 Andre DeBerdt Honored Posthumously by Jim Price
3CS36 Jul 98 51CS pg 15 Dimple Tape on a Great American Prop by Vance Atkinson
3CS37 Jan 00 57CS17 Sanding Tip - using crepe rubber to unclog sand paper by Jim Doyle
3CS37 Jan 2000 CS53 pg 18 Sanding Tips by Jim Doyle
3CS37 Jan 2000 CS53 pg 18 Sanding Tips by Jim Doyle
3CS38 Jun 00 57CS19 EZ Man of the Millennium about Mike Melvill by Terry Schubert
3CS38-1 Jan 2000 CS53 19-23 Mike Melvill EZ Man of the Millennium by Terry Schubert
3CS39 Apr 2002 CS66-8 Berkut EZRG Builder Assistance - about Steve Drybread - Terry Schubert
3CS40 Jan 1994 CS42-33 Fatal Distractions Relative to Steve Drybread s Accident by Terry Schubert
3CS41 Jul 2002 CS67-26 Vacuum Bagging Pump Caution by Howard Calk
3CS42 Oct 1996 pg 14 Limo-EZ by Sam Kreidel
3CS43 42CS pg26 Apr 96 Go-Fast Rumors about Blackler s EZ
3CS44 Apr 1996 French Varieze F-PBJL by Ernest Magallon Graineau
3CS45 PP-ZAD to Europe part 2
3CS45-1 Apr 1996 CS42-24 PP-ZAD to Europe and the USA Part 2 Andre Debert
3CS46 Terry introduction to new member 1-11
3CS47 1-2021 Ad for Terry Schubert's stick with all CS articles.pdf
3CS48 49CS pg 28 Long EZ Firs FLight by Gary Holmes
3CS49 49CS pg 29 Long EZ Speed Modifications - Bob Eckes
3CS49-1 Long EZ Speed Modifications by Bob Eckes
3CS5 Apr 1993 CS30-1 Safety-Poxy Safety Bulletin Osha ruling that hardener has MDA in it
3CS50 49CS32 Update on the John Denver Crash by GA News Flyer
3CS51 52CS pg21 My Experiences with CAFE by Mark Beduhn
3CS52 68CS21 Canard Community Forum by Nick Ugolini
3CS53 68CS22 Dennis Jacob s Viggen accident and Tim Crawford s Long EZ accident
3CS54 52CS9 Efficient Cross Country Flying - Klaus Savier lecture sumarized
3CS55 Interrupted Pre-Flight Leads to Disaster - About Steve Drybread s death - Robert Grady
3CS56 pg13 Cabin Noise by Terry Schubert
3CZ01 Oct 1996 CZ55pg5 Hard Shelling -bad idea by Nat Puffer
3CZ02 Oct 1996 56CZ pg6 Epoxy Resins by Nat Puffer
3CZ04 July 2002 78CZ pg2 Builder Hints Lead Weights making templates sanding sticks adhesive remove
3CZ05 78CZ page 12 Take the planes for kids - Dave Jones
3CZ05 Oct 2018 Trying to resolve high oil temps resolving on bigger oil lines to the oi
3CZ06 Mar7 1999 66CZpage 9 Veteran Aviator Crosses the Country in a Cozy
3CZ07 Jun17 Youtube ref on drilling rod or tube
3CZ08 6-17 William Buckleys first Cross countries in his new Cozy IV
3CZ08 Sep 2012 A deliberate retraction of the nose gear after brake failure
3CZ09 10-17 Engine Cart option by Andrew Anunson
3CZ10 10-18 Better metal to glass bond with DP460 by James Redmon
3CZ10 Feb12 Wheels off ground for maintenance discussion
3CZ11 Aug19 Weight of constructed Cozy IV parts summary by David Kissick
3CZ12 Oct 2012 Discussion on Anodizing risks and Alodining by various Cozy guys
3CZ13 Nov 2012 Discussion on the need or lack of need of an AOA gauge on a plane that cannot stall b
3CZ14 Dec19 Question on how to get slowest speed for landing Greg Norman Answers by Marc Zeitlin and
3CZ14 Jun Jul12 Discussion on Carbon Vacuum Bagging by Froble Mann Holliston Miller Zadow Alley Redm
3CZ16 Sep20 The Lance Hooley Crash with comments of NTSB-FAA Rutan Olar and Zadow
3CZ17 Oct 2020 Porcupine tool or Woodpecker tool and Peel Strength Chester Martin
3CZ19 Jan-Nov12 Discussion on Fiberglas suppliers by Cozy Blog
3CZ20 10-12 Do you want to use Cab-o-Sil in your Flox by Johnson Denhard and Hughes
3CZ21 Mar20 Marc Zeitlins Zoom Presentation to the Fresno EAA chapter on Canard Aerodynamics.
3CZ22 Apr-Oct 2012 Discussion on building a Long-EZ from Scratch .docx
3CZ3 July 1998 62CZ pg2 Dimple Tape by Vance Atkinson
3DN1 Feb1994 pg1 Data on materials weights by Charles Cadwell
3DO1 1988 Building An Aircraft - Why People Fail By David Orr
3DO3 - original list of canard tail numbers - get newest from Beagle
3DO4 1988 Index to Squadron I newsletters - David Orr
3DO4 5-1-14 FOAM AND EPOXY TRENDS by David Orr
3DO5 Discussion on enlarging canards by Steve Schollmeier and David Orr
3EA1 1990 Young Eagle Flight Kit
3EA2 Young Eagles Vision of Eagles - EAA
3EM01 March 2014 Velocity Insurance topic Don Johnson
3EM02 Jan 2000 Gary Hunter on Old Epoxy
3EM03 Jan 2000 Sanding Canard and wing cores by Art Bianconi
3EM04 Mar 2000 Making Varieze wings with no anhedral by Bill James
3EM05 Mar 2000 Retrospective on a 25 year old Design by Allen Fink
3EM06 MAr 2000 About airfoil data by Michele Bucceri
3EM07 Mar 2000 More about Varieze efficiency by Allen Fink
3EM08 2000 on getting scales for epoxy - Gary Hunter
3EM09 Jun 2000 On using a heated trowel on micro - Bill Allen
3EM10 Sep 1999 Vacuum bagging parts Rick Smith
3EM11 Dec 1999 Various computerized documents for Cozy guys by Marc Zeitlin
3EM12 2000 Long EZ in container by Bruce McElhoe
3EM13 Boy Scouts out
3EM14 Oshkosh 88 A Crash n Success by Marcus Borum
3EM15 Jul 1999 Discussion on P Factor by J. Bullens
3EM17 Aug 1999 More on P Factor Bruno Guimbal
3EM17 Dec 2005 Flat spin calculations based on video of a flat pin crash by RAF cut and pasted by Ma
3EM18 Sep 2002 Varieze Spar Cap failure by Andreas Christou
3EZ2 Vision of Eagles
3GA1 8-02 pg 18 Paw Prints are the Purr-fect design for Kentucky Couple s Plane by Meg Godlewski
3III2 END 2012 Stats for Squadron III
3III5 Joe Perkels Tribute to Burt Rutan 3-13
3IN1 7-95 pg 49 Blueprint Junkies Building from Scratch On The Ris
3KP01 Jul 91 Wind Tunnel Searching for parasites - as we design and build to reduce drag
3KP02 Oct 89 page 14 How Long-EZs Have Held Up - When composite construction was new durability
3KP03 Jun 90 The Cost of Flying An Ultralight Pilot lists first-year expenses and concludes flying
3KP04 Jun 90 A beleaguered homebuilders spouse acknowledges her mates
3KP05 May 89 More Composite Basics Part lessons learned at an Oshkosh forum last summer by
3KP06 Dec 91 pg 26 WIND TUNNEL Does the shape of a wings trailing edge make a difference in performa
3KP07 Mar 89 Pg 38 Wedding Vows - Some tips on combining homebuilding and marriage...success
3KP08 Jan 89 pg 48 Composite Cautions - Plastics have revolutionized homebuilt aircraft
3KP09 May 88 Defeating the Devil s Spaner - Keeping aircraft screws and bolts in place is worth
3KP10 Frontal Area
3KP11 Feb
3KP12 Nov 94 pg 57 WIND TUNNEL Consider the importance of standardized nondimensionalized test data
3KP13 Aug 94 pg 79 The World s Most Efficent Aircraft Gary Hertzler Surpasses Dick Rutan s CAFE Chal
3KP14 Apr 94 pg 48 Where Did the Speed Go NAA engineers compiled data on the nature of drag that can
3KP15 Jan 00 pg 32 Cranfield - Mistaken Identity about Glen Water s Berkut
3KP16 Nov 00 pg 83 WIND TUNNEL In drag reduction little things mean a lot by Barnaby Wainfan
3KP17 Jun 02 Pg 50 Arizona Airplane Assistance - Phoenix Composites lends builders a helping hand by
3KP18 Jun 02 Pg 32 Black Hills Adventure - Two fishermen use their Cozy Mark IV to get from Oshkosh
3KP19 Sep 02 Top 10 Reasons People Stop Building Their Airplans - and top tips to dal with the chall
3KP20 Aug 02 Pg 67 WIND TUNNEL Let s Analyze the purported advantages of pusher configurations by Ba
3KP21 Aug 99 Pg 83 Boosting Performance Aircraft design construciton and pilot techniques determine
3KP22 Aug 99 pg 25 Commuting the Eze Way by Bob Gray about Cary Thomas
3KP22 Jul17 Sturm Velocity by Mark Sturm
3LAA1 Apr08 LAA Type Acceptance Data Sheet on the Long EZ TADS 074A
3LAT1 Apr28-93 Pg B6 Winged Wonders - Aeronautics Flying buffs who build or restore experimental and
3LAT2 4-11 Aerospace Legend Ready for a Landing
3LP1 Apr 88 pg 14 Understanding Aircraft Hardware by Kas Thomas
3MS01 Mar 60 sheet1 2 Process Specification for Touch-up Coating of Aluminum parts with Alodine
3MS02 90 Custom Built Aircraft Handout for airshows
3MS03 1988 Pg 7 Geogeon Bros magazine Vacuum Bagging by JR Watson
3MS04 1990 era EAA membership application
3MS05 mar 26 1990 Daily Breeze Aircraft pioneers know rewards come from taking risk
3MS06 Oct 27 1989 LA Times pg B10 Swift Odd Aircraft Keeps Dreams Aloft in Santa Monica - Raj Kamal
3MS07 Apr 1989 Unique Aircraft make Picayune Stop - Picayune Times
3MS08 Dec 11 1991 pg A1 Upward Mobility - Liability Costs Drive Small-Plane Business
3MS09 1990 Composite Basics - Sinking your teet into Sandwich Structures in Layman s Language
3MS10.1 Sticky Stuff Dispenser
3MS10.2 Michaels Engineering instructions
3MS11 1990 Safe-T-Poxy Brochure and Hexel information
3MS12 Sep 12 1988 Wings of Fire about composites and lightning by Glenn Zorpette
3MS13 Apr 20 86 SFExaminer Image Mag Plane FOlks and Their Home-Built Flying Machines
3MS14 1987 LATimes Kit Plans- Amateur Pilots Dream Ships by Lee Dye
3MS15 approx 1988 Book Reviw about Complete Guide to Rutan Aircraft by Don Julia Downey and Voyager
3MS16 Jun 93 Invitation to the Rutan Birthday Party - formal brochure
3MS17 9-94 AeroElectric Connection a scrapbook of electric system advice by friend of B C Specialty
3MS17 Tax questions
3MS19 Fall 1996 Team-EZ brochure - Tom Staggs Aerobatics
3MS20 Aug 1997 Aviation Forums on Video list of Roncz and Rutans Oshksh Forums by Bruce Talbot
3MS21 Oct 1997 Misc newspaper coverage of John Denver Crash
3MS22 Mar 26 1996 Pag B1 Daily Breeze - South Bay A Dream Takes Flight about Elkind Cozy IV
3MS23 excerpt Fallen Angel by Larry Niven et al talking about the Rutan Voyager
3MS24 7-19-99 Execpc Cheap Tricks - A collection of things I have found to keep costs to a minimum b
3MS25 Burt Rutan - Design Guru article
3MS25 Indian Counsel of Scientific Research 2009 Rutan - The Canard Guru
3MS26 The Hole-in-the-Wall by David Orr 6-08
3MS27 2005 approx Load tests to failure of Varieze N11EJ by Mike Melvill
3MS27 Mile Melvills test of Varieze structure to failure canard wing winglet
3MS28 Mar 16 2010 The Columbus Dispatch Flying Lessons - High-School project gave students a lifetim
3MS29 Knight built is own airplane in retirement 10-10
3MS30 Sep 28 2010 WCFCourier Cedar Falls man s avocation takes of by building planes by Jim Offner
3MS33 What Flying Is Really All About - Bill Jones 2009
3MS34 6-4-2011 ThisSurreyToday The couple who reached for the skies by Jenny Grant
3MS35 9-10 Cedar Falls mans avocation takes off - about Dennis Oelmann
3MS36 Bill James discussion on AOA and efficiency 7-12
3MS37 NASA Report on Varieze at Langley Wind Tunnel 1985
3MS38-1 Aircraft Spruce Catalogue cover honoring Burt Rutan 2011-2012
3MS39 Jul 28 1995 Pg1A They know Hoot loves EAA about 60 Variezes arriving at Oshkosh
3MS40 Jan 1996 pg 22 Le VariEze a Vingt Ans by Pierre Gaillard
3MS41 1989 Professional Builders advice - Experimental Aviation
3MS41 2014 Accident Summary for Cozy aircraft by Marc Zeitlin
3MS41 7-83 San Diego EZ Builders List 1983
3MS42 Jan 98 John Denver Crash Report Flawed by Peggy Lowe
3MS43 12-12 Tischlers crash Zeitlin
3MS44 12-05 Speeds in EZs Camarda
3MS45 Beagle event in his own words.
3MS46 12-05 Deep Shirl Dickey
3ms46 6-17 SkiGull Test Flights 3 and 4 by Burt Rutan with photos
3MS47 6-05 Short Field Performance by Kilbourne Zadow Hunter Atkinson Alieve Schier
3MS47 6-05 Short Field Performance by Kilbourne Zadow Schier
3MS47 6-05 Short Field Performance by Ryszard Zadow
3MS47 6-05 Short Field Performance by Ryszard Zadow
3MS47 6-05-7-20 Short Field Performance by Kilbourne Zadow Hunter Atkinson Alieve Schier Smith Allen
3MS48 2015 Foam Mart Inc Brochure
3MS49 Jul 2011 AirVenture pays tribute to Burt Rutan by Mary Bergin Greenbay
3MS51 Sep 1987 Design News on the first Engineer of the Year award
3MS52 5-16 Dan Gays Long EZ Brochure...
3MS52 ULPower Engine testimonial 3-11
3MS53 1980 Website for Building the Rutan Composites by Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill
3MS54 1987 High Flying Dreams about Dick Jeana Jaeger by America s Best Conference
3MS55 5-17 Burt Rutan on his Bonanza past by Burt Rutan
3MS57 unknown date Varieze trying to take off on dirt and on a hot day.
3MS59 Aug 14 What Are Canards And Why Dont More Aircraft Have Them Boldmethod by Aleks Udris
3MS60 Jun 18 Brochure on Dan Gay in advance of the Yarmouth AirShow
3MS60 Jun18 Brochure on Dan Gay in advance of the Yarmouth AirShow
3MS61 10-18 pg 42 Airshow Stand Out -Kyle Fowler Keeps it Different by Russ Niles
3MS63 Sep19 AOPA Pilot A Long Way Round the World
3MS64 Nov19 Rutan Long-EZ design celebrated at Mojave Air Spaceport
3MS66 Jun20 model airplane CG calculations
3MS67 2013 Appendix C2 General Aviation Aircraft Design appendix on Design of Canard Aircraft by Sno
3MS69 Aug20 NTSB report on Lance Hooleys EZ-Jet crash and comments by several sources
3MS72 May 2021 Mike Beasleys 19 yr build and the Central Georgia Canard flyin by13WMAZ
3MS73 4-16 Klaus Savier - Going fast on less gas Sun-n-Fun Org
3MS74 Sep 2021 Paul Saccani on Burt Rutan's Test Rigs.docx
3MS75 Sep 2021 Paul Saccani on Burt Rutan's Test Rigs.docx
3MS76 2021 Race to the Starts - about Burt Rutans Biography by Dan Lineham on Burt Rutan in final d
3MS77 Apr 2022 Jack Cozy - about Jack Wilhelmson and his Cozy III donation to RAFE by Ryzard Zadow.d
3NG1 Jan 81 Pg 76 They re Redesigning the Airplane
3PF1 Dec 91 pg A29 E-Z Greider by Marga Fritze
3PF2 Jan 93 PgA12 Altitude Record Broken by Long-EZ about Dave Timms by Jack McDonough
3PF3 May 94 Pg A13 The Top Hog about Joel Taylor s VEZ
3PF4 Aug 93 Pg A11 Oh No Burt s Hit the Big 5-0 by Frank Mormillo
3PF6 Sep 99 pgC2 Melvll Honored at OSH
3PF7 98 4th Copperstate Dash Set
3PP1 Dec 98 pg 51 List of Rutan s Projects and clients
3PS1 Aug 87 Pg70 Burt Rutan s Latest Hot Sportplane - Wings for Tomorrow for new Flyers
3PS2 Feb 92 pg49 Fiberglass- Cancer Threat question...
3SA01 Feb 80 Pg 28 CzechMate Dick s 4800.24 mile trip by Jack Cox
3SA02 pg 35 Helpful Hints for Handling Fiberglass Cloth by Don Hewes
3SA03 Oct 91 Pg 16 Greider s Grand Champion Long-EZ by Jack Cox
3SA04 Jun 85 Pg 22 Are You Using Aircraft Hardware Correctly - by Tony Bingelis
3SA05 Oct 90 Nopper-Eckes Grand Champion Long-EZ by Jack Cox
3SA06 May 88 pg89 Seven Years and Seven Thousand Miles about Tackabury s build by Pam Tackabury
3SA08 Apr 87 Pg 90 A Long Way From Anywhere by Patrick Colin
3SA09 Jun 87 pg 51 Sun 60 Air Race Savier by Jack Cox
3SA10 Sep 1979 pg 12 Varieze Two Six Juliet Wiskey by James Wright
3SA11 Jul 1985 pg 31 John Roncz The Aristtle of Airfoils by Jack Cox
3SA12 Sep 1984 pg 22 Making Molds for Laminating-Forming Quality Aircraft Parts by Bob Blaine
3SA13 Jan 1985 Brazil The Eze Way by Mabel Coha
3SA14 Apr 192 Pg 80 FLUKE Electronic Hints Epoxy Closet Temp Control by Steve Willhoite
3SA15 when pg 35 Neil Hunters Big EZ
3SA16 when pg 23 A Conversation with Burt Rutan by Jack Cox
3SA17 Sep 1992 pg 72 Drag Reduction Possibilities by Tony Bingelis
3SA18 Aug 1994 g 76 The Carbon Fiber Scene by Andy Marshall
3SA19 when pg 9 Scaled COmposites to Move to Montrose CO
3SA20 Oct 1975 pg 20 Varieze...For the REcord by Jack Cox
3SA21 Mar 1995 pg 42 A Search for Efficiency Gary Hertzler and 99VE by Budd Davisson
3SA22 Jun 1993 pg 64 New Altitude Record Set by David Timms
3SA23 Mar 1994 Pg 72 Anchor Nuts...Why- Where- How by Tony Bingelis
3SA24 Jul 1993 pg 8 Rutan Tests the Long-EZ for Deep Stall
3SA25 Aug 1996 Pg 74 Builders Never Had is So Good by Tony Bingelis help available
3SA26 Jun 1996 Pg 62 EZ Rudders - Some of Aviations More Ineresting Moments
3SA27 Jul 1996 pg 99 Sun-N-Fun Sprint Air Race and the winner is Klaus Savier by David Gustafson
3SA28 Jun 1996 pg 64 Stalling the Little Wing First about Velocity
3SA29 Jan 98 Pg 44 Mike Dick s Round The World EAA Friendship Tour by Mike Melvill
3SA30 Dec 1997 pg 84 6.6 Miles Up In MY Long-EZ by Jim Price
3SA31 Aug 1998 pg 92 Dynamic Analysis of Two Pusher Aircraft by David Lednicer
3SA32 Jan 1999 Pg 69 Meet Copperstate Dash Winner Virginia Skiby by Jack Cox
3SA33 Jan 2000 pg 32 Flying to Hawaii - Dave Linds champion Long-EZ by Jack Cox
3SA34 Jan 2000 Pg 52 Building an Airplane - A view from the right seat by Pamela Kelley
3SA35 Jan 2000 Pg 84 All about Bolts by Michael DiFrisco
3SA36 Nov 2000 pg 68 Understanding the Matricx - Composites are a combination of cloth and resin by
3SA37 Jun 2000 Pg 22 Unbelievable-Eze Modifications make he most of a design s performance and effic
3SA38 Smooth Speed Chalie Airesman s VariEze achieves both with Subaru power by Jack Cox
3SA39 Apr 2002 Pg 109 Of Fiberglass Foam about Harris Hangar by Ann McMahon
3SA40 3-00 pg 82 Gauging Aluminum by H.G.Frautschy
3SA42 10-99 pg 40 George Graham s Mazda EZ
3SA43 Jul 99 pg 100 Composite Construction Bonding by Ron Alexander
3SA44 Klaus Cross Country Speed and Economy
3SA46 Aug 99 pg 91 Basic Composite Construction continued by Ron Alexande
3SA47 Nov 90 pg 55 Tail First Types - Canard Design Consierations by Bill Willford
3SA48 Apr 10 pg8 Opportunity by visiting EAA by Mike Melvill
3SA49 Newest winglet design Peter Lert 7-10
3SA50 Feb 11 pg 36 Homebuilders in Space by James Wynbrandt
3SA51 Feb 2012 Pg 88 No Detail TOo Small to Matter about George Stage s Long EZ by Steve Ells
3SA52 Homebuilding Phobias causes and cures Budd Davisson
3SA53 Composite Airplanes - Phelps
3SA54 Apr 99 pg 100 Phillips 66 Leadership Aware do Ray and Lorraine Judd
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3VV3 Ward s 1st Flight
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5MS1 2010 Website reference on widening the Cozy IV fuselage
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8CP2 in color
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9CZ10 Jan02 Discussion on Brake line materials by Zeitlin Martin
9CZ10 Jan02 Discussion on Brake line materials by Zeitlin Martin Froble King Evans Briggs
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9MS65-12 Plans Updater
9MS65-12a Plans updater exterior skin
9MS65-13 Canard Installation - nothing there
9MS65-14 Plans Updater - nothing - blank
9MS65-15 Plans Updater Head Rest and Seatbelts
9MS65-16 Plans Updater Firewall and accessories
9MS65-17 Plans Updater Nose and Nose gear
9MS65-18 Plans Updater Main Gear
9MS65-19 Plans Updater Controls and Trim
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9MS65-21 Plans Updater Fuel tanks
9MS65-22 Plans Updater Canopy
9MS65-23 Plans Updater Canard cover
9MS65-24 Plans Updater Wing and Winglet attachment
9MS65-25 Plans Updater Wing and Winglet
9MS65-26 Plans Updater Upholstery
9MS65-27 Plans Updater Section IIVW-1
9MS65-27-IIC Plans Updater
9MS65-27-III Plans Updater Section IIVW-1
9MS65-27-IIL Plans Updater
9MS65-27-IV Plans Updater Pilot Manual
9MS65-27-IV Plans Updater Pwmer
9MS65-27-LLVW Plans Updater
9MS65-27-V Plans Finishing
9MS65-27-VI Plans Updater Landing Brake
9MS65-27-VII Plans Updater Certification and Inspections
9MS65-3 Varieze Updater
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9MS65-4 Varieze Updater
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9VV5 May20 Early experience with a new Velocity by Zach Bloom
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10CS3 On VGs
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10SIII 4
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12SIII2-1 Aug 2019 Putting the Faux Elevator to Fuselage Fairing in on the Canard David Orr observin
12SIII2-2 Aug 2019 Putting the Faux Elevator to Fuselage Fairing in on the Canard David Orr observin
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13do2 - PDF 5 pages
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13MS10-2 Nose light Part Deux
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13MS14 May 2012 Bead Buster for tire removal
13MS14 May 2013 Mark Beck on Finance Company requirements
13MS15 May 2012 Wheel balancers for Go Carts go cart supplier
13MS15 Ocean shipping a Rutan designs - Huhn 1-13
13MS16 Beagle on Nose Wheel Fork and pre-loading nose bearings 11-12
13MS17 New Nose progress 12-12
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13MS18-2 Newmans lighted gear switch 11-13
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13SIII10-2 Dec 2015 nose light installation
13SIII11 Jan 2011 Adding pin to retain nose gear on nose leg - David Orr
13SIII12 Oct10 Lubricating your nose lift - Oertel-Wilhelmson
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13SIII13 Nov 2014 Nose Lift option - Jim Emons by David Orr
13SIII14 12-14 NOSE GEAR PIVOT ASSEMBLY -nose gear wobble by Jim Emons
13SIII16 May 2016 Jim Emons Nose lift by David Orr
13SIII16 Nose Fork Failure - David Orr 12-12
13SIII17 Oct 2020 Summary of comments on Electric Nose lifts
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13siii2 Andersons nose upgrade 1-13
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13SIII3 Mar 2013 Nose Dragger Sticker Avery 8373-1 Dave Viglierchio
13SIII4 Nose Gear Discussion 7-12 - David Orr
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13SIII6 Velocity Nose Wheel Shimmy - Dave Dent
13SIII7 Velocity Nose Wheel Shimmy iscussion - Don Bates
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15FL runways
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15SIII2 10-20 Engine Mount analysis 10-20
17CA03 5-22 Davenport pitch trim vs plans springs and trim assymetry by Marc Zeitlin, Ashton and How
17CA01 3-21 Discussion on lower force trim forces and Rutan no springs testing Binder
17CA02 Jul 2021 The two off pitch trim system by Cookie Skovbjerg
17CS02 Electric Roll Trim system based on Allen motor by Steve Wright and Gordon Hanka
17CZ01 11-94 EZ Electric Trim System 4th edition by Vance Atkinson
17CZ02 6-21 Getting more slow speed trim authority by Marc Zeitlin
17CZ03 Modifying the Cozy with the Davenport Pitch Trim System Ashby Aliev Howard Allen
17MS01 1995 Electric Trim System for Longeze-Cozy sold by Wilhelmson
17MS02 Ray Allen REL-2 Servo Relay Deck
17SI1 11-87 Roll Trim Screw Jack by Terry Schubert
17SIII1 Dec 2012 Ray Allen Trim Motor failure
17SIII2 Nov 2012 Trim Wheel Design - Nate Mullins
17SIII4 Nov 2021 A simple fix to avoid the Strong Pitch Trim jamming by David Orr.docx
17VV1 Aug14 Installing Tosten Manufacturing grips on a Velocity by Reiff Lorenz
17VV2 2-21 Putting in a motorized cog belt electric aileron trim system Ernest Johnston
18-10-18 October Squadron Mailing
18-11-25 Time to be thankful
18-5-1 May edition
18-6-15 Lots going on - Rutan Birthday coming up
18-7-19 Redo in jpg for July
18-8-21 August mailing
18-8-24 Summer for the Canard Squadron
18-8-24 Summer for the Canard Squadron
18-9-22 September edition - Squadron News
18AP1 May 99 Per-plexed about canopy care by Marc Cook
18CP1 CP90 Page 5 The Demise of Defiant N20SR By Daniel Taylor-Ide
18CS1 Jul 02 CZ79 pg 2 Head room for tall pilots by Nat Puffer
18CS10 Oct 95 CS40 pg16 Electric Canopy Lock by Larry Vickie Laughlin
18CS11 1-08 Canopy Gas Spring Jim Voss
18CS12 Apr 98 CS50 pg30 Canopy Replacement by Bill Oertel
18CS13 Jul 98 CS51 pg16 George Graham E-Racer fixed gear
18CS14 Jul 98 CS51 pg 10 Free Form Custom Canopy by Alan Borman
18CS15 Apr 02 CS66 pg13 Volovosek Eu style canopy by Terry Schubert History of French canopies by Er
18CS16 Jul 02 CS67 pg 29 GIB View mirror by Tom Staggs
18CS17 Jul 02 CS67 pg29 Check safety latch -- which can fail with wear by Baine Whipkey
18CS2 Oct 91 CS24pg3
18CS3 Apr 93 CS30 pg 21 Milton Matthews Instrument Cover attachment
18CS4 Oct 94 CS32 pg22 More Back Seat Comfort remove arrow stock - pins to longerons by Ken Miller
18CS5 7-92 Gas Spring for your Canopy - Skip Barchfeld
18CS6 Jul 92 CS27 pg18 Long EZ forward hinged Split Canopy by John Van Dusen
18CS7 Oct 92 CS28 pg27 Better Visibility Canopy by Graham Singleton
18CS8 Jul 95 CS39 pg6 Neat Canopy Latch Idea
18CS9 Jul 95 CS39 pg18 Oversize Long EZ Canopy by Alan Arnold
18CZ 10-20 Shark Canopy Latch by Bob Bittner
18CZ1 Jul 02 CZ79 pg 2 Installing Cozy windows by Nat Puffer
18CZ1 Jun19 Scott Fish on use of discoat instead of Spraylat
18CZ10 Apr21 Hinge Repair Kit COVER PAGE rev F
18CZ11 Jul 2012 Gap Seal sourcing tape to cover gaps including hinges - Nick Ugolini
18CZ2 Sep12 Vents - Cabin Ventilation Schubert Rothwell Atkinson
18CZ3 Jun12 Scratch treatment and Canopy cleaning by Harley Miller Goldman and Ugolini
18CZ4 Aug 2012 Discussion on canopy open risk without cargo net latch ideas strut design
18CZ5 Jun12 Canopy Installation - how to protect the bolts from corrosion by Terry Schubert
18CZ7 3-19 Aerocanopy discussion - successor to Todds canopy
18CZ7 Jul-Oct12 Discussion on Canopy and aircraft covers
18CZ9 10-20 Shark Canopy Latch by Bob Bittner
18DO1 - Replacing canopy frame - Orr 12-10
18EM1 Jan 00 Roll-over protection - a D section between canopies by Art Bianconi
18EM3 Dec 99 Scratches on the Canopy by Marc Borom
18EM4 Dec 99 on canopy seal by Art Bianconi
18EM5 Apr 00 on Canopy Covers by Stet Elliott
18LP1 Dec 88 Pg13 A Micromesh Advanced Clinic by Kas Thomas
18MS1 85 The Airplane Factory instructions on cutting canopy
18MS11 May 2021 Bruce s Custom Covers Brochure
18MS12 Garmin's MANDITORY service bulletin on reporgramming their 5 and 10 units to avoid autopilot
18MS16 Lancair Hydraulic gear description
18MS2 Thromoguard cover materials
18MS3 Custom Cabin Covers cover letter colors and material brochure
18MS4 5-02 Gear and Canopy Warning Circuit Cobb
18MS5 Dec17 Stiffener for the Berkut Canopy- observing Dave Ronneberg
18MS5 Matco brake vs wheel interference 4-17
18MS6-1 Jun13 Lancair Hydraulics 1
18MS7 Canopy Covers Brochure
18MS8 2003 Brake size advice by JD Newman of Infinity
18MS8 2006 Plexiglas Forming Manual by Akema
18SA1 May 85 pg 16 The Installation and Use of Hinges by Tony Bingelis
18SA10 1967 pg 8 A Bubble Canopy for you Homebuilt by Hugh Beckham
18SA11 Sep 16 Volunteers Replace Cozy Canopy
18SA2 Apr 92 Pg52 Working with Plexiglass by Jim Miller
18SA3 Aug 94 page 60 The Ins and Outs of Canopies - Giving Emergencies a Little Thought by Budd Davi
18SA4 Jan 94 pg 72 Ventilation Options for your Homebuilt by Tony Bingelis
18SA5 Oct 92 Pg 112 What You should know about Canopies by Tony Bingelis
18SA6 May 95 pg 75 The Airplane Plastics Company - If It Can Be Formed They Form It by Budd Davisson
18SA7 Jan 2002 pg 94 Blowing Your Own - Making an aircraft canopy by Paul Moffat
18SA9 Feb 2016 pg 28 Quick Hinge Pin Removal by Tracy Buttles
18SI1 1985 Installation of Canopy Hinges by Dave Lind
18SIII1 11-12 The Carlstrom Canopy Latch-throttle block David Orr
18SIII10 Nov 2022 Dave Ronneberg's best advice and prefabricated Vent NACA.docx
18SIII2 Feb 13 Canopy opening and safety devices - David Orr
18SIII3 Geoff Henkles Canopy latch 11-13
18SIII4 12-13 Mounting Canopy Struts - David Orr
18SIII5 12-11 Carlstrom canopy latch system-Don Berlin
18SIII6 2-11 Safety Catch Cracking and Replacement
18SIII7 Aug 2010 Description of Velocity door opening accident N44YP
18SIII8 5-18 Cozy group discussion on blowing your own canopy of Polycarbonate - Knockaert Orr Ashto
18SIII8 5-18 Cozy group discussion on blowing your own canopy of Polycarbonate - Knockaert Orr Ashto
18SIII9 Sep19 Berkut Canard-Instrument cover drip rail faux elevators and eccentrics shown by Dave R
18VV03 Dec 2022 The Various Velocity hatches and doors.docx
18VV1 2-15 Velocity Elite door opening accidents
18VV2 1st Qtr 1999 vol 32 pg 6 Removing Epoxy from Plexi by Scott Swing
19-10-26 Autumn for most of us...some good flying left
19-6-18 June mailing - more detail on Osh...
19-7-15 Oshkosh Canard special - you are in for some treats at Oshkosh...cant tell you what...
19BER1 1992 Builder Log example by Berkut Engineering. There are sophisticated programs available on
19BER1 2003 Building molded wings by Berkut Engineering.
19CP1 3-19
19CP2 published 10-20 Teflon help for hinges
19CS1 Oct 91 CS24pg27 Aileron Free-Play by Mike Stolle
19CS2 Apr 93 CS30pg3 BEEZ Baggage
19CS3 Aileron Torque Tube Bearing
19CS4 Hinge bonding
19CS5 Jun 99 CS55-7 Hop Pipes by Vance Atkinson on Moto Tile
19CS6 CS68pg2-1 Vari-Eze Spar Cap Failure by Andreas P. Christou
19CZ1 Mar18 Discussion on canards with tendancy to roll by Zeitlin and Boyle
19CZ2 Apr 2014 Wing Bolt Torque discussion
19CZ2 Unk 9-18 Drilling wing attach with progressively larger drills and reaming out the final size
19CZ2 Wing Bolt Torque
19CZ3 9-18 Drilling wing attach with progressively larger drills and reaming out the final size by B
19CZ4 Mar 2012 Aileron Balance suggestions by Ken Miller
19CZ5 Apr 2012 Aileron Freezing Teflon Hinge kits Tim Andres Bulent Aliev Burrall Sanders Terry Schu
19CZ6 Oct 2012 Baggage Pod discussion by Smith Stearns and Evans - updated by Orr
19CZ7 Jul 2012 Plargs Canard Aviator Notes - by Nick Ugolini
19CZ7 Jul2012 Tape to seal aileron and rudder hinges by Nick Ugolini
19DO1 Wing attach with extrusion - Berkut method 8-12
19EM1 Feb 2000 Increasing the ailerons by Dick Kreidel
19EM2 Mar 00 Are Berkut Wings compatable with the Long EZ - by Robert Cherney
19EM3 Dec 99 Building Long EZ Wings by Steve Volovsek
19EM5 Varieze Wing Taper Pin Problems by Ed Hanley
19EM6 Jun 99 EZE Wing-Spar Installation by Bill James
19EM7 VG Questions and Comments by Jim Price
19IV3 Jan 94 IVCHC news 59 pg3 Lower Winglets Important by Nat Puffer
19MS1 83 Florida Club newsletter pg Long-EZ Aierlon Construction Made Painless by Don Ogden
19MS10 2005 Harbor Freight Model 38778 38779
19MS11 7-16 Aux Tank installation discussion by James Redmon
19MS13 2005 How to remove the Taper Pins from the Varieze - Mike Melvill
19MS13 Micro Vortex Generator brochure
19MS14 Varieze wing loading test chart from David Young 3-20
19MS2 1995 Instructions for Assembling and Mounting Baggage Pods for the Varieze Long EZ Cozy
19MS2 Baggage Pods - Instructions for assembling and mounting
19MS4 Baggage Pod Installation
19MS4c Baggage Pod installation instructions
19MS5 Varieze getting taper pins out when stuck 2011
19MS6 July 2001 Nasa explanation of vortilons.
19MS7 1970 - Fred Jiran Glider Repair brochure offering to build Varieze wings
19MS8 2012 Gary Hunters Brochure with added comments on other suppliers
19MS9 12-15 Baggage Pods Brochure Owl Eagle Dale Martin modification
19SA1 Oct 15 Mobile Wing Stands by Charlie Becker
19SI1 1986 Installation of Torrington G-SF-10 bearing in aileron torque tube
19SI2 Oct-Nov-Dec 91 pg 7 One Man s System for Rigging the Long EZ Aileron linkage by Chris Wade
19SIII01 Jun13 Alt. Baggage pods by Robert Setzer
19SIII03 Berkut Molded Wing in construction 8-13
19SIII04 Dec 2011 Removing Varieze wing taper pins - Melvill
19SIII05 Jul 2011 Berkut master builder James Redmon has just finished up wing
19SIII06 Aug12 Wing Bolt Attachments - a better way - David Orr
19SIII07 Feb10 Wing Tip light covers by Anthony
19SIII08 July 2009 Varieze Wing Attach corrosion and repair by Brent Hansen
19SIII09 Baggage pods Putting anchors into the wing for baggage pods by David Orr
19SIII10 4-17 creating a socket to put in the wintip for the Avio strobe units by David Orr
19SIII11 4-17 A serious discussion about wing mount issues that can confound you by David Orr
19SIII12 Aug20 Expanded photo log of the Featherlite Baggage Pod instructions by David Orr
19SIII12 Jun20 Expanded photo log of the Featherlite Baggage Pod instructions by David Orr
19SIII12 Jun20 Expanded photo log of the Featherlite Baggage Pod instructions by David Orr v2
19VV01 3d Qtr 95 pg 6 Dynamic Wings by Rick Lavoie and Letterfrom Alan Shaw
19VV02 11-16 Discussion on Rudder induced flutter by Don Johnston
19VV07 Jan 2022 Bill Hunter supplies regs on lights at night
19VV07 Jan 2022 Bill Hunter supplies regs on lights at night
19VV4 2-18 Using Alignment strips under wing for improved low speed aileron performance by Rene Duga
19CA2 March 2022 Applying Sailplane tape for efficiency - Wayne Blackler.docx
19CZ8 Nov 2012 Summary of Concerns over Varieze Wing fitting Corrosion concern per Rutan-Melvill by
20-4-1 Corona Virus time
20-4-1 Covid19 is takign us down
20-5-4 May in the Covid time
20-6-9 Further into the Virus - Summer coming on - no photo
20-6-9 Further into the Virus time -Summer coming on for most of us
20-7-12 A bit of flying during the Covid19...more jawing
20-11-22 Thanksgiving in America
20CS1 Jan 91 CS21-14 Stop Banging on that Rudder by Leo Dringoli
20CS2 Apr 2007 CS66-32 Rudder Cable Ends by Wayne Johnson
20CS3 CS52-4 CAUTION Rudder Flutter by Verne Simon Bob Sudderth Nat Puffer
20CSIII1 Rudder cable failure in flight - David Orr 1-13
20CZ1 Jul 2007 Jack Morrisons Osh lecture on blended winglets on E-Racer
20CZ2 Feb12 Winglet Root Fairing discussion
20MS05 1996 The Winglet from an article on wing tip devices by A Filippone .docx
20CZ3 Sep19 Joe Polenek on a tweek to the RAF Hidden Belhorn plans
20CZ4 Oct 2012 Zeitlin on theory of winglets why not on canard
20EM1 Jan 2000 Steve Volosovek and Ken Miller method of aligning Winglets
20EM2 Oct 2002 Defiant Rhino Rudder and EZ style RUdders by Steichen Benson
20MS1 Wing Tip Lite Covers by Anthony s of Solvang
20MS2 1992 Hand Drawings of Defiant Winglet Rudder installation by Charles Gray
20MS3 1995 Simpler Rudder cable routing by David Orr
20MS4 2018 Marcus Boroms winglet replacement after a midair
20SIII2 Adjusting Rudder Cables David Orr 8-13
21-8-20 End of summer coming up
21CA04 Jan 2022 Chart of Brock and Shaw Fuel cap
21CA05 July 2022 Cheap fuel manifold to address fuel venting from single vent tanks by Ken Walsh.doc
21CA07 Jan 2023 Dick Rutan summarizes his fuel tank modifications for the Round the World Flight -
21CA1 Aug21 Doing the TarBaby Layup in the wing root by Dale Martin
21CA1 May-June20 Discussion on the Fuel System Modifications
21CA2 Nov11 and Mar21 Discussions on Vent locations and number vent blockage by 6 guys 3-21
21CA3 Oct' 21 Auto fuel's effect on Atkinson gauges - and a remedy. .docx
21CA6 Sep 2022 Discussion on fuel running inside the fuselage by Bill Allen and Klaus Savier .docx
21CO1 Jan 1992 pg 18 Octane Reg and Your Experimental Airplane by Robert Youkey
21CS1 Oct 91 CS24-18-25 Hints for Featherlite Strakes
21CS10 Apr 94 CS34-14 Testing Fuel for Alcohol and Vapor Pressure by Terry Crouch
21CS11 Jul 94 CS35-11 Sky Sports Fuel Gage Probe Installation by Dick Cuttler
21CS12 Oct 94 CS36-9 Improved Fuel Cap O-rings byNorm Dodge
21CS13 Jan94 Fuel Flow Problems with Gascolator - Al Coha
21CS14 Oct 94 CS33-18 George Walter s great fuel cap locks positively and doesn t leak
21CS15 Apr 02 CS66-16 Sloshing Sealer Caution by Tim Doell
21CS16 21CS16-1 Apr 02 CS66-19 Finding and Repairing Fuel Leaks by Tom Staggs
21CS17 Apr 02 CS66-23 Standard Wing Velocity Fuel Gages by Vance Atkinson
21CS18 Apr 02 CS66-31 Fuel Grounding Alternative by Ion Huss
21CS19 Jul 99 CS55-18 Strake Windows by Terry Schubert
21CS20 Apr 96 CS42-29 Strake Skin to Baffle Joint by Jim White
21CS21 - CS52-14 Stick Proof Your Fuel Valve by Al Coha
21CS22 Purelator Fuel Filter blockage by Bob Foster
21CS23 Jun 19 Fuel Leak by Doug Kouri 6-19
21CS3 Jun 86 Pg 13 Some Thoughts on Fuels and their Effect on Fuel Systems and Performance by Art Bi
21CS4 Jun 93 Fuel Cap Loss Causes Two Fatalities by Terry Schubert
21CS5 Jan 93 CS29-25 Fuel Sumps and Things by Vance Atkinson
21CS6 Oct 92 CS28-24 Fuel Cap Security by Dick Cuttler
21CS7 Oct 93 CS32-10 Repairing Fuel Tanks notes about Jeff Rose
21CS8 OCt 93 CS32-10 Alternate Fuel Cap Security Methods and Fuel Cap Gasket Replacement by Jim WIll
21CS9 CS--5 Hertzler s Safety Tip on gascolator safety wire by Terry Schubert
21CZ1 Oct 96 CZ56-10 French hint on closing out the tank by Benoit Lecoq
21CZ10 6-19 Discussion on installing electronic probes in the fuel tanks. Zeitlin and Ugolini
21CZ11 Jan19 ICE in the fuel by Joel Ventura
21CZ11 Oct 2012 Baggage Pod discussion by Smith Stearns and Evans - updated by Orr
21CZ12 Mar20 Discussion on air leaks and Pressurizing the aircraft to keep it warm
21CZ14 Nov11-Mar12 Avoiding fuel tank leaks Mann Person Carter Orr
21CZ15 Nov11 - Feb12 Fuel System Design
21CZ16 Dec12 Fuel Selector Valve Sticking - replace it by Zeitlin Person
21CZ17 Feb12 - Dec12 Fuel Sight Guages discussed and ways to view them. about 10 contributors.
21CZ18 2012 Long discussion on protecting tanks for auto fuel
21CZ19 Nov21 Discussion of Gascolators by Aliev Andres Miller
21CZ2 Jul 02 CZ78-1 Featherlite Price List
21CZ20 Feb 2022 If you must have a both setting on your fuel selector by Marc Zeitlin
21CZ3 4-17 Cutting holes in strake tops by Andrew Anunson
21CZ4 4-17 How to avoid flat spots on the top cowl by Andrew Anunson
21CZ5 8-17 Heat Muff system by Vance Atkinson reissued
21CZ6 9-17 Adding vent or added fuel line to tank by Tom Mann
21CZ7 1-18 Fuel Guage history by Vance Atkinson
21CZ8 1-18 Discussions on tank leak repairs on Cozy group
21CZ9 1-19 description of Sweeny 4 valve fuel system by Andrew Annunson
21DF1 Jun 99 DF48-1 Accross my Desk - on fuel tank epoxy choices by Nat Puffer
21DO1 1985 Strakes PRC by David Orr
21DO2 Feb18 Composite fuel strake leaks by David Orr
21EA1 Autogas Field Alert from EAA
21EA2 Sep18 Discussion of Percival SqIII and Doug MacNair EAA on testing 100LL replacement fuel for
21EM1 Jan 00 Fuel Tank Sealer by Foster Hancock
21EM3 Sep 99 Discussion on modifying fuel systems by John McAvoy
21EM4 Sep 99 Fuel Exhaustion Lessons Learned by Al Wick
21EM5 Jul 99 Ellison TBI w auto fuel by Chuck Busch
21EM6 Oct 99 Fuel Caps by Chuck Busch
21FA1 Sep 92 Emergency Airworthiness Directive by FAA on obstructed fuel pumps
21KP1 Oct 02 pg66 Build Your Own Fuel Rig - If you can burn auto gast you can save 1 per gallon by J
21LP1 Mar 87 pg 7 How to Repair a Kohler Primer
21MS1 ACT EZ Fuel Gauge by John Van Osterom
21MS11 Oct 2015 Fuel Sight Gauges Installation Instructions - Vance Atkinson
21MS12 1-18 COZY Atkinson Fuel Gauge Aluminum Plate
21MS13 12-12 Epoxy Fuel Tank discussion with Gary Hunter epoxy guru
21MS13 Epoxy Fuel Tank discussion with Gary Hunter epoxy guru
21MS14 Mar18 Winglet Replacement by Marcus Borom
21MS15 Aug-Sep18 Biobutinol the Ethanol Alternative by Charles Fort
21MS16 Mar 20 Vance Atkinson s latest Fuel Gauge price list
21MS17 1980s Task Research price list and strake construction guide
21MS17-1 1980s Task Research price list and strake construction guide
21MS17-2 Task Strake instructions
21MS18 July 2021 What if your Atkinson fuel guage doesnt fill by Vance Atkinson
21MS2 88 The Refueler by Pilot Products
21MS3 Oct 79 PRC Technical Data Sheet on tank liner
21MS4 1980 Scotch-clad fuel resistant coating Tech Data Sheet
21MS5 1990 N2EXAP Leak Proof Gas Caps by Wilhelmson
21MS7 2002 Fuel level indicatorby Precision Instruments Contorl
21MS8 2012 Site on auto fuel issues
21MS9 2013 Vance Atkinson Brochure
21PP1 Feb 86 pg 20 Don t Fuel Around - assorted cautions on using auto gas by Don Dwiggins
21SA1 Jun 85 pg 17 Auto Fuel...Questions and Answers by EAA
21SA2 Apr 87 pg 29 Fuel Systems for Homebuilt Airplanes by Lyle Powell
21SA3 Jun 93 Pg 72 A Fuel Systems Review - Gravity Flow Fuel System Essentials by Tony Bingelis
21SA4 Jun 94 pag 69 Avoiding Fuel related Problems - Tony Bingelis
21SA5 Sep 19 pg 112 Avgas vs Mogas for Light-Sport Aircraft by Carol Brian Carpenter
21SA6 Jan 19 pg 30 The Top Three Fuel System Problems and how to avoid them by Lisa Turner
21SI1 Avgas-Mogas and Rutan Composites - a position paper by Paul Prout
21SI2 A Warning concerning Fuel Sight Gauges on materials by Paul Prout
21SI4 Oct 84 Product Research s Fuel Tank Vinyl Sealant using in tanks
21SI7 Jun 92 Aviation Gasolines on 80-87 100-130 replaced by 100LL
21SII2 1988 Flying Hockey Pucks and Props - on securing fuel caps
21SIII10 Jan 2011 Discussion on Socks instead of heater - David Orr
21SIII11 June 2022 Topic 7 Depressing and angling your head set jacks in the pilots arm rest by Chri
21SIII2 1998 pg 7 From the Canard Aviators List - Better Epoxies for Fuel Tanks by Gary Hunter
21SIII2 May 2013 Add Chains on Fuel Caps - David Orr
21SIII3 Atkinson on lighting gauges 10-12
21SIII4 1-12 Advice against single sump system by Rutan Melvill
21SIII6 2-12 Mark Borom concerned about auto gas because of alcohol
21SIII7 1-14 Multi-Tank Remote Fuel tank guages - Redmon
21SIII8 12-11 Use Velcro to keep loose items in place - Dave Viglierchio
21SIII9 5-14 Strake Windows David Orr and Velocity people
21VV05 Dec 2022 Velocity Fuel sump in fuselage and drains and leaks Keith^J Baxter^J Johnson^J Orr.d
21VV1 1st Qtr
21VV2 1st Qtr 98 pg 16 Tips from a One-Year Builder by Dennis Martin - strake construction
21VV3 4-15 discussion on protecting strakes from auto fuel by Tom Mann
21VV3 4th Qtr 02 Working with Jeffco 9700 Fuel Sealant in strakes
21VV4 8-16 Calibrating tanks and fuel gauges by Andrew Ellzey
22AM1 Oct 86 pg 37 Electrical Wire Selection Chart in Av Mech Journal
22CA05 Jan 2023 Where to put remote avionics in a Cozy IV by Marc Zeitln.docx
22CA1 Aug20 Discussions on ADS-b Antennas by Electronics guys
22CA1 June 2021 Dynon Autopilot cheat sheet by Dynon
22CA3 Oct' 21 on switches around the cockpit .docx
22CA4 Nov 2021 Discussion of Ipad based EFIS - Falken Avionics by various people.docx
22CS01 Auto Fuel abnd Conmposite Tanks by Terry Schubert
22CS02 1988 Page 9 A switch is a Switch - or is it by Art Bianconi
22CS03 Airspeed calibration
22CS06 Apr 93 30CS6 A ride in a Berkut by Skip Barchfield
22CS07 Jan 93 CS29-12 15 Over Volt Protection by Tom McGovern
22CS10 Apr 94 CS32-11 Instrument static and Pitot lines by Jim Sardella
22CS11 when CS -3 Bob Nuckholls of Aero Electric Connection on shielded wire
22CS12 Jan 94 CS33-16 Whelan Strobe Repair by Chuck Busch
22CS13 Walkman Stereo Amp
22CS15 Dec 94 CS37-17 Homebuilt Post lights by Macey White
22CS16 Dec 94 CS37-16 Nav Light installation by Sid Lloyd
22CS17 Dec 94 CS37-22 Single unit Switch-Breakers
22CS18 Oct 94 CS36-7 Instrument Shock Mounting by Sam Kreidel
22CS19 Jul 94 CS35-20 Portable GPS Mount by Mike Stolle
22CS20 Jul 96 CS43-11 Electric Trim by Jim Voss
22CS21 Jul 96 CS43-18 Navaid Pilot GPS Coupler by Mike Marshall and GPS Interference
22CS22 Jul 96 CS43-10 VHF Antennas in Long-EZ-Cozy Aircraft by Tony Rothwell
22CS23 Jul 95 CS39-11 Fuel Flow Instrument Caution by Carl Denk
22CS24 Oct 96 pg19 GPS Signal Interference by Ann Rhett McMahon
22CS25 Jan 98 49-10 EGT Probe Calibration by John Nicholson
22CS26 Jul 98 Pg 8 ELT False Activation AKC by Carl Denk
22CS27 Jan 00 CS57-27 Microair Radio issues by Steve Sorenson
22CS28 Apr 02 pg 6 Manifold Pressure Sources by Terry Schubert
22CS29 Apr 02 CS66-10 Installation of an S-Tec System 30 in a Cozy Mark IV by Ed Richards
22CS30 Jul 02 CS67-11 Neat Map Pocket by Tim Freeze
22CS32 Ju 02 CS67-24 Moving Map
22CS35 Oct 94 Pg 13 Strobe Conditioning by Jim Voss
22CS37 CS52-25 Caution- Laptop in the Cockpit by Tom Staggs
22CS38 CS52-23 Glass Panels by Paul Krasa
22CS41 CS52-13 Engine Alarm instructions by Rich Lewis
22CZ01 5 99 CZ66-3 Voice Annunciated Warning System by Richard Lewis
22CZ02 CZ64-2 Vance s Colum on Digital Tachometers Vance Atkinson
22CZ03 July17 Contrasting Lithium Iron and Lithium Ion batteries by Izzy Briggs
22CZ04 Sep17 Odyssey Battery letter passed on by Phil Johnson
22CZ05 May 2019 wire connectors discussion by Electrical Engineer Doug Shepherd
22CZ06 Sep19 Discussion - circuit protection by computer - the VPX system by Marc Zeitlin
22CZ07 Oct2012 Discussion on Alternators regulators and indicators by various authors
22CZ07 Oct2012 Discussion on Alternators, regulators and indicators by various authors.docx
22CZ08 Feb 2012 Discussion on APRS Zeitlin Denhard Philipsen Hughes Lee Smith LaFleur
22CZ08 Jun-Sep 2012 Discussion - Autopilots Hansen Stedman Miller Sanders Goldman Jadkowski Gearhart
22CZ09 Jun-Sep 2012 Discussion - Autopilots Hansen Stedman Miller Sanders Goldman Jadkowski Gearhart
22CZ10 Feb 2012 Discussion on Li-Fe Li-Ion and other light weight batteries by Blackler Lee Froble H
22CZ11 4-20 Sizing your Wire one of the great misunderstandings in aviation is electrical power by W
22CZ12 4-20 What Mark Zeitlin used for panel planning and wiring
22CZ13 Apr2012-May20 Discussion on ELT installation and antenna in Cozy Group Squadron III mailing
22CZ14 May12 Where to put the Solenoids by several experts
22CZ15 Oct 20 Retrofitting a Heated Pitot to a Cozy IV by Marc Zeitlin - alternative added
22CZ16 Dec'11 to Nov'12 discussions on panel design and instrument placement
22CZ2 Jun17 Discussion on new ADS-B Antenna started by Nick Ugolini
22DN1 Issue19-2 Avoid blowing your avionics with starter switch diodes by John Loofborrow
22EM01 8 00 AV-10 Engine Monitor changes hands by Dave Wood
22EM02 2 00 EIS Engine Information System praise by Bruce Vinnola
22EM03 11 00 Electric heater of Bill Theeringer - by Bruce McElhoe
22EM04 Discussions on navigating with PDA s by Derrick Minor Manvel Harley
22EM05 6 00 Wiring Harness and Motor Repair - Bob Nuckles
22EM06 99 Isolating heated pitot by Gary Ernest
22EM07 Sep 99 Comparing ANR headsets by Tim LoDolce
22EM08 Sep 99 Discussion on Solenoids by Chick Masoner
22EM10 on AV-10 Engine monitor by Eric Westland
22EM11 Oct 99 Fitting starter to Varieze by Bruce Layne
22EM12 Aug 99 Kudos for Howard Francis - instruments by Eirc Westland
22EM13 Aug 99 Kudos for Strong Pitch Trim in Cozy by David Domeier
22EM14 Aug 99 Coupling GPS to Wing Leveler by John Meyer
22EM15 May 99 Lightspeed 20K rubs canopy in Long EZ by Bruce Layne
22EM16 Oct 02 Discussion on Crimping or Soldering and best practice by Scott Derrick and Len Johnson
22EM9 Dec 99 Discussion on Engine out probes by Kjell Malm
22FA1 Jun 2005 FAA's AC 23.1311-1C Installation of Electronic Display in Part 23 Airplanes.pdf
22IA1 1985 Ian Ayton Warning Device for canopy gear charge oil pressure - brochure
22KP01 -1 Nov 90 Pg86 Down But Not Out - Are they heavy expensive and Unnecessary
22KP06 Jul 88 Page56 How and Why to ELT - Despite their controversy emergency locator transmitters
22KP07 Jul 89 How to Calibrate your ASI - a 3 method of Calibrating your Airspeed Indicator
22KP10 Apr 88 Page 74 How to Calibrate Insruments - With some effort every pilot can own a panelful
22KP18 Feb 93 page 76 The Fastest Easiest and Most Accurage way to Adjust a compass
22KP19 Apr 93 page 48 Installing a Navcom - we put a KX125 navcom where it belowngs - in an aircraft
22KP25 Mar 02 page 53 Build a 2 ockpit antenna diplexer for your handheld to Plug your handheld into
22KP26 Mar 02 page 62 Hushkit for your Head - Install and ANR system in your headset
22KP28 Jun 02 Page 29 Getting a grip on BNC s Big Nasty Connectors by Jim Weir
22KP31 2014 Bob Nuckols on new batteries
22KP31 Aug 2022 Static Port Location and Altitude Callibration by Gerhard Metz.docx
22KP31 Sep 2022 Shining a Light on History - by Jim Weir.docx
22LP01 May 89 Page 14 Soldering - A Pilot s Primer
22LP02 Sep 88 page 15 A Tale of Two Voltage Regulators a-c vs auto
22LP05 1988 Page 20 The 59 Solar Battery Charger
22LP06 Nov 86 Page 6 Avionics Troubelshooting Part 1
22LP07 Dec 86 Page 6 Avionics Troubelshooting Part 2
22LP08 May 87 Page 10 How to Keep a Wet Compass Wet
22LP09 10-84 pg 4 Tachometer Repairs for the Beginner by Michael Stockhill
22LP10 5-87 pg 7 ELT Battery Replacement Tips
22LP15 11-96 pg 14 Vacuum System Service
22LP16 11-96 pg 5 Cockpit Chatterboxes - on built in or portable intercoms by Gary Picou
22LP17 12-96 pg 19 Pitot-Static Systems
22MS13 Halon 1211 Fire Extinguishers brochure
22MS16 2008 A Ground Power option described by Bob Nucholls
22MS2 1980s Electrical Hints by Larry Romanoski Joe Orrico
22MS22 Short Field Performance.6-05
22MS25 Elecric Trim Servos by MAC
22MS3 More on Electrical Systems by Art Bianconi 1985
22MS36 10-14 Quarter Century Later - Starships still fly by Kurt Epstein
22MS4 1-87 Whelen Strobe brochure and parts list
22MS5 FAR 91.33 circa 1980s Required VFR and IFR equipment lists
22MS56 A simple wiring diagram by Eric Cobb 1986
22MS6 1985 Discussion on temp of Voltage Regulators related to battery temps
22MS61 Electrics Checking-elec Article.Adkins.8-27-07
22MS62 2009 Glass Panel musings for RV-9
22MS63 2009 GNS430 PilotsGuide
22MS64 RV Instrument panel design article by Mike Rhodes 9-08
22MS65 Vacuum Systems
22MS67 8-09 Blue Mountain criticism. Dick Rutan
22MS67 Mar 2013 Discussion in iPad and Bad Elf - David Orr
22MS68 10-08 Spot and PLBs By Ian Brosnan
22MS69 2007 Vision Microsystems Users Guide
22MS69 Vision Microsystems VM1000C manual
22MS7 7-88 Braal Tach 1 brochure
22MS70 Nov 2012 Vision Microsystems VM1000 EPI-800 How to avoid the MPT Blues
22MS71 Sep
22MS71 Sep04 Anatomy of a Lightning Strike By Paul McAllister
22MS74 4-16 Panel Replacement issues by Nick Ugolini
22MS74 B C LR3C-14 and LR3C-28 Voltage Regulator 4-01
22MS75 Introduction and Table of Contents of RST Articles
22MS76 1998 Bob Nuckolls Whats This Battery Isolator Stuff Anyhow - about charging two batteries
22MS77 1995 B C LRSC-14 and LRSC-28 Voltage Regulator from
22MS79 Powerpoint on installing headphone jacks etc. by PS Engineering
22MS79 PS ENgineering Powerpoint on wiring for head sets
22MS8 Mar 87 pg 9 The Great Circuit Breaker Recall
22MS80 2001 Vision Microsystems brochure
22MS81 8-18 Stein Air discussion on Head Seat and Mike Jacks and common mistakes in wiring them
22MS82 Trio Avionics brochure - EZ-1 Altitude HOld
22MS83 EAA article on Equipping a Homebuilt for IFR Operations 12-18
22MS84 Jan19 How to free up storage space on your iPad by Sportys
22MS85 MGL Radio manual 10
22MS86 B C 2016 Catalog
22MS87 Dec 84 CLA 500 Multiple Circuit - Solid State Cockpit Lighting Assembly - Installation-Owner
22MS89 AOPA ADS-B assisted in rescue of pilot ditching in the Bahamas
22MS9 1985 Wire Guage Selection Chart
22MS90 1980s EDM 900 Operating Manual
22MS91 Dec20 Kitfox club discussion of AKC ELT false transmissions
22MS92 Surface Mount Fuse panel with LEDs 6-20
22MS93 May21 FEVA 2.1 Latest Advance in Exhaust Valve Failure Prediction by Saavy Aviation
22MS94 2012 Collection of articles on Night Vision collected By Ray Schriener .docx
22NO1 8-2020 NOAA - Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking - Beacon Testing
22PP12 View from Above - Sigma-Tek s HSI by Keith Conners
22PP4 Aug 84 Convert Sterio Headphones for use Aboard Aircraft by Terry Speicher
22PP6 Oct 85 Pg 20 How to Troubleshoot the Gyro Instruments - Understanding the workings of your air
22SA10 May 84 pg 18 Instrument Panel Preparation by Tony Bingelis
22SA11 Oct 85 pg 23 Switches and Switch Like Devices part 1 by Tony Bingelis
22SA12 Nov 85 pg 23 Switches and Switch Like Devices part 2 by Tony Bingelis
22SA13 Dec 85 pg 57 Switches and Switch-like Devices III by Tony Bingelis
22SA14 Nov 85 pg 59 Instrument Panel and Cockpit Design by Ben Owen
22SA16 Apr 90 pg 37 Developing Your Electrical System part 1 by Tony Bingelis
22SA17 May 90 pg 29 Developing Your Electrical System part 2 by Tony Bingelis
22SA18 Aug 88 pg 27 Your Pitot-Static System and Altitude Encoders by Tony Bingelis
22SA19 from Aug 85 Squadron I Switches AC vs DC by Art Bianconi
22SA20 Oct 80 Homemade Ammeters and Volt Meters by Jim Weir
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22SA24 Feb 92 pg 66 Altitude Encoders How to get something useful from them by Fred Wimberly
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22SA26 Jun 92 pg 75 Voltage Regulator by D.E.Baker
22SA27 Apr 92 pg 77 GPS - Planning for the Future by Don Taylor
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22SA3 Jul 88 pg 27 A Look at Some Wiring Practices by Tony Bingelis
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22SA41 Oct 15 Where You At In event of off-airport landing
22SA42 May17 Pg 28 You and Your Battery by Steve Ells
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22SIII1 Ipad lessons and Bad Elf 2-13
22SIII10 Description of Vision Micro-System takeover and problems - Dave StClair
22SIII11 May 2014 ADS-B discussions Heinitz Randall Melvill
22SIII12 July 2014 Discussion on ELT requirements Now
22SIII13 Osh Briefing on ADS-B Traffic in Flight - Kurt Winker
22SIII14 Nov 2014 Replacement for Odyssey 680 by David Orr
22SIII15 Dec14 Advice on when to design panel and wiring Redmon Randall
22SIII16 Dec 2014 Antenna problems reviewed by mindbites
22SIII17 Dec 2014 Discussion on Lithium Batteries by Rod Millin
22SIII18 Jan 2015 Trickle Chargers are different for AGM batteries by James Redmon
22SIII19 Feb 15 Panel label discussion - Bujanja
22SIII2 Aug 2012 Google tablets with Anywhere Maps Hertzler
22SIII20 Jan16 Chris Randall wires up a new Long EZ part 1
22SIII21 Jan16 ADS-B in homebuilts by Chris Randall.
22SIII22 Jun 17 - ADS-B situation updated by Chris Randall at Columbia
22SIII23 1-18 Hints on wiring Head Set Jacks and PTT switches by Chris Randall
22SIII24 3-18 Canards are a little different and autopilot doesnt by Dave Harvey
22SIII25 Nov 2021 Bad Elf GPS after 10 years by David Orr.docx
22SIII26 Sep18 Replacing 406mhz ELT batteries 3 volt lithium Orr Johnston
22SIII27 Nov19 Leg Protection - Coamings for your aluminum panel 10-19
22SIII28 March 2018 Airspeed switch option found by Brian Uhler
22SIII29 Oct'21 How to Reboot your GRT HXr by GRT and David Orr.docx
22SIII3 4-13 Alternator strap by Buly Aleive
22SIII4 7-13 Bad Elf overheat David Orr
22SIII5 8-13 End of iPod 1 Sportys
22SIII6 12-13 Cheaper EFIS by Tim Uszuko
22SIII7 Feb 2012 Trio and Grand Rapids EFIS coupled approach
22SIII8 12-11 Camarda collection of panel photos
22SIII9 Jan.9 2014 Fast Stack Hub and Vertical Power Systems Wiring systems - Tim Walsh Bill Stockma
22VV10 4-18 Static Protection Plastic Planes by Mike Eide VOBA
22VV11 5-17 Airport Noise Concerns by Scott Baker
22VV11 Nov18 Seat heater source by Rene Dugas
22VV12 1-19 Discussion of alternatives to compass that do alt-attit-heading by Lorenz and Randall
22VV13 1-19 VOBA supplied wire size diagram
22VV13 1-19 VOBA supplied wire size diagram.jpg
22VV14 AC43-13 Wire size chart
22VV15 Dec19 Zapped - Electrostatic Discharge with EFIS in IFR condition by Andy Millin
22VV15 Jan19 VOBA discussion on Securing wire bundles to the fuselage Root Cole
22VV15 Jan19 VOBA discussion on Securing wire bundles to the fuselage Root Cole Cabiroy Johnston Lor
22VV15 Jan19 VOBA discussion on Securing wire bundles to the fuselage Root Cole Cabiroy Johnston Lor
22VV16 Dec19 Zapped - Flying Plastic Airplanes and learning to live with Electrostatic Discharge by
22VV18 Jul20 Where to put Velocity antennas by Bill Hunter
22VV19 Sep20 Static system errors in Velocites by Chris Becker Don Johnston
22VV20 Nov20 Frigid Flight - A Minnesotan talks about flying canardss in the winter by Dave Nelson
22VV21 Jan 21 Headset Jack Wiring diagram
22VV22 Mar21 Testing Dynon Autopilot functions by Monty Suffern
22VV23 Apr21 Some theory behind the ELT ground plane size by Tom Stoiber.
22VV4 Inacruate Air Speed and Getting your aircraft Data handled Bill Hunter
22VV4 Jul 2021 Inacruate Air Speed and Getting your aircraft Data handled Bill Hunter
22VV5 11-15 USB port on the panel discussio with Dave Nelson
22VV5 12-15 Velocity Discussion on IFR Certification
22VV6 March 2021 Hangar Search moving to Washington DC.
22VV6 Nov 2015 Discussion on Air Conditioning of Velocities
22VV7 Nov 2015 Airspeed Errors by Michael Eide Don Burton
22VV7 Searching for the Perfect Switch by Reiff Lorenz
22VV8 5-17 Vacuum System errors by static source Bill Batten
22VV9 3-18 Carling Rocker Switches updated by OTRATTW found by Bob Huntingford VOBA
23AC01 3-1-83 Engine Balancing - Shaky Notions
23AC02 11-85 Synthetic Oil It s a very slippery subject
23AP01 pg78 May 93 Aircraft engines - Are they appropriate technology or just stone age by Marc Cook
23AP02 pg 85 May 93 Promising Powerplants from AMW to Zoche and every interesting design in between
23AP03 Pg 113 Aug 95 Panel Mounts - getting up close and personal with intercoms
23AP04 pg 109 Aug 95 New Cessna Power
23AP05 pg 124 Jun 94 Shock Treatment - Inside the ignition system by Marc Cook
23AV1 5-16 Heat Shields for Homebuilts as related from Larry Vetterman Exhaust mfg l
23Ber1 Apr 2006 Testing info on Mobius with O-360 and Aerocomposite 2 blade prop.xls
23CA01 Jun20 Klaus Savier in Answer to a question about an old cowl Varieze with Continental engine
23CA02 Mar21 De-Humidifier by Mel Hocker
23CA03 May 2021 Thoughts on modifications to improve Lycomings by John Caulkins
23CA04 06-2021 Klaus Savier answers O-200 VEZ owners poor performance & details on prop length
23CA06 Oct 2021 Nose Seal Retainer Template - Russ Meyerriecks
23CA06 Oct'21 Nose Seal Retainer Template - Russ Meyerriecks.eml
23CA07 Oct 2021 A little discussion on Ignition Timing from Klaus Savier.docx
23CA08 nose_seal_retainer from Russ Meyerrichs.pdf
23CA08-1 Nov 2021 Discussion on nose heaters Huss Holliston Orr others.docx
23CA08-2 Nov 2021 Discussion on nose heaters Huss Holliston Orr others.png
23CA09 Oct'2021 Mark Zeitlin's Executive Summary and SDS's diatribe about the flyEFII ignition-Injec
23CA1 Jul20 A system for drying the engine by Bill Allen
23CA10 Nov 2021 Diesel Heater in Velocity after 2 years Peter Magnuson.docx
23CA11 Nov 2021 Going from two Oil Coolers to one On 200 hp O-360 by Del Schier.docx
23CA12 Dec 2021 How to find an oil leak by Schier, Walsh, Orr & warning by Zeitlin.docx
23CA15 Feb 2022 Why not rebuild your own engine by John Caulkins
23CA16 Aug 2022 The Right Spark Plugs - discussion of Berlin, Savier, Martin.docx
23CA16 May 2022 Why Klaus uses Auto Spark Plugs .docx
23CA17 May 2022 A discussion on reducing exhaust noise by Squadron Members .docx
23CA17 May 2022 A discussion on reducing exhaust noise by Squadron Members .docx
23CA17 Sep 2022 Engine Timing by Klaus Savier.docx
23CA18 Dec 2022 Why you don't want an oil check door in your cowl by Klaus Savier.docx
23CA19 Jan 2023 Various opinions on creating baffles by Brusehaver^J Bush^J Walsh^J Leidl^J.docx
23CA20 Jan 2023 Rotax in Varieze^^. Bill Allen^J Klaus Savier and list of rotax Experimenters by Dav
23CO1 An Engineering Apporach to a Modern Redundant Ignition System for Auto Engines by Jan Updikeys
23CO2 Starter Retrofit for the A-65-75-8 Continental Engines by L.S. Stubler
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23CP2 CP89pg8 B C Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter for Lycoming
23CP3 Jan 1992 French Varieze Ditching in the ocean .docx
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23CS1 Summer 91 CSKGig-pg3 Vance s Lates Cozy Version
23CS10 Apr 1992 CS26 pg 9 Tom Mount Oil Cooler by Bob Davenport
23CS10 Apr 1992 CS26 pg 9 Tom Mount Oil Cooler by Bob Davenport
23CS102 Davenport Drawings List
23CS103 unknown date Superior Experimental XP360 Frequently Asked Questions
23CS104 Schuberts top cowl inlet
23CS105 CS2 Volumetric Efficiency from Sky Ranch Engineering
23CS106 Apr 93 pg18 Caution - Fuel Flow Scanners cause restriction - John Nicholson
23CS11 Apr 92 CS26 pg 15 Safety Tip on turn backs by Ken Miller
23CS11 Apr 92 CS26 pg 15 Safety Tip on turn backs by Ken Miller
23CS15 Oct 91 CS24 pg 9 LOOK OUT Beware of Failure on 4 Pipe Exhaust Systems by Dick Kreidel
23CS16 Apr 93 CS30 pg29 Solvent Glvoes Stop Epoxy Reaction by Larry Sligar
23CS17 Apr 93 CS 30 pg 22 Changing Mags by Mike Stolle
23CS18 Apr 93 CS30-20 4-Pipe Exhaust with Expansion Provisons by Terry Schubert about Nat Puffer
23CS19 Apr 93 CS30 pg19 Sony GPS Report by Mike FLowers
23CS2 Summer 91 CSKCGig pg5 Terry Yake s Downdraft Cooling
23CS20 Apr 93 CS30-1 pg 18 More Landing Gear Shake by Baine Whipkey
23CS21 Apr 93 CS30 pg 15 Oil Temperature Solved after 8 Years
23CS22 Jan 93 CS29 pg 5 Efficient Engine Baffling by Vance Atkinson
23CS23 Jan 1993 CS29-11 Low pressure oil for cabin heater- Mike Marshall
23CS24 Oct 93 CS32 pg4 Tiffts Prop Tips by Bruce Tifft
23CS25 Oct 93 CS32 pg7 How to Save a Few Buck on Engine oil - synthetic cause stuck valves by Dewey
23CS26 Oct 93 CS32 pg 9 Fuel Hose Failure and Cowl Collects Water Dennis Reguli and oil Cooler Mount
23CS27 when CS-21 Finding Oil Leaks with Cornstarch suggested by Vance Atkinson
23CS28 Oct 93 CS32 pg28 Vance Atkinson s Sump Tank under rear seat
23CS29 Oct 93 CS32 pg29 Mazda Powered Rotary wrong amperage CB by Gowan and Liebig
23CS3 Apr 92 CS26 pg 16 Cooling Drag mods to upper and lower NACA cowl
23CS30 Oct 93 CS32 pg24 Boat Tail discussion and Discounted Stainless Brake disk - Terry Schubert
23CS31 Apr 93 CS30 pg 25 Lycoming with a Bra to keep the main seal in by Doug Shane
23CS32 Jul 92 CS27 pg 31 Engine Compression Check by Bill Freeman and Terry Yake
23CS33 date CS pg 28 Oil Cooler nose heater by Vance Atkinson
23CS34 date unk CS pg 4 Slim-Fast for your EZ on spinner failure and small spinner on rear of prop b
23CS35 Oct 92 CS28 pg 8 Cowl cooling exist and adjustable oil pressure switch by Singleton and Wilde
23CS36 Apr 94 CS34 pg 16 Alternate Air Filter and more O-235 Power mods by Jim Peck and Honda start
23CS37 Oct 92 CS28 pg 28 29 On baggage pods and O-200 Oil Filter Installation by Hertzler
23CS38 Oct 92 CS28 pg 31 Varieze Oil Cooler by Jack Fehling
23CS39 Apr 94 CS34 pg22 Automotive Spark Plugs in Aircraft Engines by Martin Pavlovich
23CS4 Oct 91 CS24 pg 13 Gascolator on Steroids by Cliff Cady
23CS41 Jan 94 CS33 pg 25 EZ Cylinder Head Cooling RTV soaked firberglass by Jimmie Hays
23CS42 May 94 CS34 pg 4 Crankshaft Oil Seal Loss and crankcase overpressurization by Terry Schubert
23CS43 Oct 94 CS36 pg 24 Prop Extension Failures by TerrSchubert
23CS44 Oct 94 pg 8 Broken Brock Engine Mount by George Waters
23CS45 Oct 95 CS36 pg 30 Is Blowby Killing your Cam by TBO Advisor
23CS46 Oct 92 CS28 pg 25 Ellison Users Beware attributed Vance Atkinson
23CS47 Jul 96 CS43 pg11 Spinner oh Spinner by David Orr - on spinner failure
23CS48 Electronic Ignition Concern and Thoughts on Mag and EI combo
23CS49 pg 22 Power Fluctuations with Ram Air Intake Box
23CS5 Oct 91 CS24 pg 9 Propeller Blade Protractor by Terry Schubert
23CS50 Jul 96 CS43-29 4 Pipe Exhaust Support Plans by Bob Sudderth
23CS51 Jul 96 cs43 Pg30 Oil Cooler Installation to add scoops in and out of the cowl for oil coolerb
23CS52 July 96 CS43 pg 31 Does your Intercom Buzz by Walter Gee -auto spark ends loose
23CS53 Cooling Success by Holliston
23CS54 Jul 95 CS39 pg 26-28 Cowl Investigation part 3 oil testing by Terry Schubert
23CS55 Oct 96 pg 5 Not all Boat tails are equal some are more equal - observe the flow by Klaus Savi
23CS6 Oct 91 CS24 pg 5 Crankshaft Oil Seal Loss with Lycoming Service Instruction 1324A Installing O
23CS69 Jul 98 pg27 EZ Heat by John McAvoy
23CS7 CS pg 17 On Drag Round Noses and Spinners
23CS72 Canopy Latch Induction Icing and throttle body Injectors
23CS8 CS pg 9 Engine Dynamic Balance Device by Bill Butters
23CS82 Spring 02 Defiant 60-pg3 Rune Rostrup s rear cowls
23CS9 CS pg21 More on Engine Cooling by Jake Bach
23CS91 Jul 02 CS67pg17 IO-320 Long EZ by Terry Schubert about Steve Volovsek s plane
23CS95 Jul02 CS67-31 Epoxy scum - Gary Hunter
23CZ1 11-17 Radio noise on transmit suggestions by Tim Andres
23CZ13 Sep2012 Fuel Cap location on the EZs discussion Hughes Amick Miller Orr
23CZ17 Apr19 Jan21 Shore Power installation by Marc Zeitlin and under rear seat installation by Pres
23CZ2 2-18 Transponder ground plane size and shape by Dynon
23CZ28 3-19 Suggestion of air filter size for particular engine choices.
23CZ29 Aug19 Where you measure CHTs by Joel Ventura
23CZ3 7-19 Good Painting results need good equipment by Nick Ugolini
23CZ3 7-19 Good Painting results need good equipment by Nick Ugolini and Stuart Smith
23CZ3 Ap4 98 CZ61-1 Exhaust Systems - Important by Nat Puffer
23CZ3 Apr18 Can you test your radios with the wing and antenna off by various Cozy guys
23CZ30 Dec19 Oil leak discussion by Barnett Orr Kriley Andres Walsh Tapp Zeitlin Aliev
23CZ30 Nov 2012 Discussion on Hidden antennas and how to locate them for replacement by various Cozy
23CZ32 1-20 Number of UNI and BID plies for Cowl construction Andronaco
23CZ33 Feb 2020 Frankling Timing issues with Electronic Ignition from Klaus Savier- LSE
23CZ34 Apr-Nov12 Bottom side intake ideas with downdraft cooling by Terry Schubert
23CZ36 Jul12 Engine Baffle discussion by Swenson Burke Zadow Walsh
23CZ37 Jun-Dec12 New or Rebuilt Engine break in with a new airframe by Zadow Aliev Vinnola Springer
23CZ38 Dec2011 Discussion on how to unstick a stuck valve - Allen Sanders Miller
23CZ39 Feb12 EGT Readings analyzed by Marc Zeitlin
23CZ4 Jul18 ANTENNA TESTING and testers by Tom Brusehaven and Greg Cross
23CZ4 Sep17 Marc Zeitlin on EFII type systems with Sanders response
23CZ40 Jan12 Engine IO 360 Idle Adjustment by Ken Miller
23CZ41 Dec11 Upgrading to a bigger engine - how to drill upgraded engine mount to protect Extrusions
23CZ42 Oct12 Engine Mount Prop Bolt Discussion by Jones Redmon Zeitlin and Miller
23CZ43 Jan12 Finding Engine Mount Cracks by Ventura Evans Jose
23CZ43 Oct12 Engine Mount Prop Bolt Discussion by Jones Redmon Zeitlin and Miller
23CZ44 Feb-Nov 2012 - Collection of e-mail comments on selection of aircraft engines and ways to boo
23CZ45 Aug2012 Collection of e-mail discussions on Ellison Throttle Body vs Injection and need for c
23CZ45 Jul12 Where to purchase engine parts Lee and Miller
23CZ47 Mar-Apr12 Electroair and other Ignition Problem at High Alt by Andres Goldman
23CZ47 Mar-Apr12 Electroair and other Ignition Problem at High Alt by Andres Goldman Dembs
23CZ48 Apr-Nov12 Discussion on P-Mag E-Mag by Cozy guys
23CZ49 Jun12-Aug12 Discussion on Cozy Blog about Exhaust pipe suppliers and Exhaust pipe covering an
23CZ5 Oct 2018 Long story on trying to resolve high oil temps resolving on bigger oil lines to the o
23CZ50 Unknown Canard Cowl Made Easy-2 by Greg Norman
23CZ52 - On the proper use of Anti-Seize - not on new plugs^J but on used plugs and insert - a littl
23CZ52 Dec 2021 On the Proper use of Anti-Seize - not on new plugs, yes on Plug adaptors.docx
23CZ53 Jul-Aug 2012 Discussion on ignition timing, high compression pistons and Klaus' systems.docx
23CZ54 Apr 2022 A little about Sam Tilleman and Saber Propeller Extensions by Preston Kavanaugh.docx
23CZ54 Apr 2022 A little about Sam Tilleman and Saber Propeller Extensions by Preston Kavanaugh.docx
23CZ55 May 2022 Two possible locations for oil coolers supplied by Preston Kavanaugh with photos of
23CZ56 1-23 Thoughts on converting to UL 520 by Scott Fish^J comment on price by Marc Zeitlin and ne
23CZ57 Mar 2012 Best Oil Cooler Lines from engine to nose oil cooler-heater Norman^J Zeitlin^J Aliev
23CZ58 Apr 2012 MarcZeitlin blocks his oil cooler and noses up - speculation.docx
23CZ6 Jan19 Lycoming Injected engine stumbling addressed by Lycoming with a stronger spring in the f
23CZ6 Oct18 Cooling the Varieze Oil - its the oil sump tank...Paul Saccani
23CZ7 Aug 2012 Discussion of hose fittings by various people
23CZ7 Feb19 Leaving your healthy airplane alone for over a year Cozy guys discussion
23CZ71 Jan20 Discussion on remote Andair fuel selector and Holley in tank fuel pump of David Schilde
23DO1 Engine - Comments on Section IIL of the Rutan Plans
23DO2 Engine Change comments O-235-O-320 DO
23DO4 Cowl Developments as of 12-12 by David Orr
23DO9 Dec02 Top End done on the road by David Orr
23DS105 Oct14 Dave Nelson on oil cooling a Velocity
23EA1b unknown Airbox Installation Instructions - unknown
23EA3 Nov 92 Long EZ-Cozy Airbox and Exhaust by Hal Hunt
23EM16 Apr 00 Discussion on Sun-N-Fun 00 and Exhaust failure by David Domeier
23EM16 Mar 2012 Discussion on Oil Blow By and low oil indications.docx
23EM25 Mar 2012 Oil Temps Low in Cold Wx Who, J Ugolini, J Kastenholtz,and Zeitlin.docx
23EN32 Dec 99 short e-mail on Ivo Prop developments for 4 bangers - Honey Nelson
23FA1 FAA Advisory Circular 48-11 4-76 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul Terminology Standards
23FA2 FAA Airworthiness Directive 92-12-05 Lycoming O-320-O-540 Piston pin failure purchased Jun 18
23FA4 July 9 1992 Emergency Airworthiness Directive 92-15-16
23GA2 Mr. Lycoming - Paul McBride is the engine manufacturer s Ambassador by Robyn Sclair
23HA1 Apr 83 pg 45 Handcrafting Your Own Prop by Don Dwiggins
23IF1 Sep 85 pg 25 Pamco-One Man s Ultimate Standby Pump by Ken Towl
23KP1 Jun 90 pg 54 What s a Major Overhaul We ve all heard the term but do we know what it really me
23KP10 Sep 92 pg 54 Injecting Electrons and Fuel - Check out these thoughts on electronic ignition a
23KP11 Feb 98 Lycoming flies to new horizons by John Larson
23KP12 Jan 98 pg 6 Wind Tunnel Let s look closely at those whirling blades by Barnaby Wainfan
23KP13 been there - bent that by John Larson
23KP14 Sep 98 pg 96 EZ Heat Leave your blanket and mittens at home for this flight by John McAvoy
23KP15-0 11-00 Hot Sparkin a Cool Bird - throws out mags and installs Electronic Ignition By Terrenc
23KP16 Dec 00 pg107 Big Engine - Little Airplane - Calculate the power required for best performance
23KP17 Jul 02 pg 37 Cooling a Pusher-engine installation requires special attention by Barnaby Wainf
23KP18 Aug14 Cool and Cooler comparing two types of oil coolers by Tom Wilson
23KP19 Jul13 Oil Cooler 101 by Tom Wilson
23KP2 Jul 90 pg 59 Engine Cooling Tips by Ben Owen quoting Dragonflyer Newsletter and Sonerai Newsle
23KP20 Mar14 Heat Shields Up - portecting the cowl from exhaust by Eric Stewart
23KP21 Jul17 So You Would Like to Fly Faster part 1 by Dave Anders
23KP22 Aug17 So You Would Like to Fly Faster part 2 by Dave Anders
23KP23 10-15 Vortex Genetors for Cooling By David Ullman
23KP24 Apr 2014 Heat Shields Up - Protecting your Cowls from Excessive Heat.pdf
23KP24 Apr 2014 Protecting your Cowl from excessive heat by Eric Stuart.pdf
23KP24 May 2014 Heat Shields Up! Protecting Your Cowling from Excess Heat by Eric Stewart.pdf
23KP25 Jan 2015 The Meredih Effect - Fact or Fiction by Ross Farnham.docx
23KP4 Apr 90 Pg 66 Cooling The Inside Story Part 2 describes how your aircraft cooling s ystem works
23KP5 May 91 pg 66 Dodging Installation Grief - Careful planning for that engine installation by Bil
23KP6 Jun 91 pg 40 Defeating Bad Vibes - Without good engine vibration isolators there s a whole lot
23KP7 Mar 92 pg 28 Makeup for Airplanes - Powder coating a new method for painting tubing by Ben Mil
23KP8 Nov 93 pg 54 Warnke s Wooden Wonder his wooden almost-constant-speed propeller by Don Downie
23KP9 Nov 93 pg 42 Knowing Your Vacuum Pump by Gary Jones
23LAA1 Jun09 pg 49 Piston Power Steve Brown changed piston size in his O-200
23LP1 Jan 88 pg 10 Upgrades for the Lycoming O-320 certified use
23LP10 May 88 pg 10 Overhaulsing the Bendix S-1200 Magneto by Fred Mackerodt
23LP11 Sep 88 pg21 O-320 Discussions on Oil Pump AD 81-18-08 on sintered iron oil pump impellers
23LP12 Feb 88 pg 13 Slow Cranking - Causes and Cures
23LP13 Aug 88 Pg12 Spark Plug Basics
23LP14 Dec 87 Pg12 Understanding the Aircraft Magneto by Kas Thomas
23LP15 Mar 88 pg 11 How to Fabricate a Magneto Ignition Lead by Mark Howards
23LP16 Feb 87 Pg 14 Engein Prop Dynamic Balancing by John Loughmiller
23LP17 pg8 Valve Erosion in Lycoming Engines by Kas Thomas
23LP18 Apr 88 pg 20 Lancair builder s question about O-235
23LP19 Apr 87 pg16 Discussion on flying without prior engine logs
23LP2 Jul 86 pg 14 Lord Mounts - The Shocking Truth by Norm Bender
23LP20 Apr 87 pg 7 Oil Fouling - It s Causes and Cures
23LP21 1985 Methods of Safetying
23LP22 Nov 83 pg 1 Engine Breakin after Overhaul
23LP23 Sep 1 pg 1 Top Overhaul Facts Fiction
23LP24 Jun 87 pg 11 Twenty Questions to ask your Overhauler
23LP3 The Engine Clinic on Carb maintenance
23LP4 Mar 89 pg 7 Squawk Talk on Aerobatic mods to O-360 by Kas Thomas
23LP5 Mar 89 Q A on TSIO-520 Piston Pin bushing spauling in recently rebuilt engine
23LP6 Mar 89 pg 14 Common Overhaul Mistakes and How to Survive Them by Kas Thomas
23LP7 Nov 88 pg 23 The Engine Clinic On Piston Rings - focus on oil control ring
23LP8 Nov 87 pg 20 upgrading piston in O-235-L2C
23LP9 Oct 88 pg 21 Q A about upgrading O-235 to F pistons 125 hp over 115 stock
23MS100 1969 Lycoming Service Bulletin on removing and replacing helicoils .docx
23MS102 Jan 2023 Toroidal Propellers Noise Killer in the Air or Water by Loz Blaine.docx
23MS13 Dec 2021 Comments on Turbos by Klaus Savier.docx
23MS15 1986 Prince Aircraft Company propeller Brochure
23MS16 1984 Hoffman Propeller Brochure
23MS17 1984 Ellison Brochure Sport Aviation Article
23MS18 1984 Precision Flight Inc. Standby Vacuum System
23MS19 7-81 CAA Maintenance South Africa Prop Strike Guidance 38-700
23MS20 1988 Aircraft Spark Plug Service Inc. Order form - Van Nuys
23MS26 1990 Oil Separator Instructions for Kit by Wes Gardner
23MS27 7-18 Thomson Actuator parts number changes nose lift unit
23MS3 Dec 89 Lycoming Flyer Unfortunate Choice of Used Engines
23MS39 Lycoming Engine Summary 2004
23MS40 Dr. Bobs discussion on synthetic oil. 2-23-09
23MS40 Non-Mobile 1 seized piston for article
23MS41 P-51 Scoop Design from Jim Riggins08
23MS42 Jul 97 How to Adapt an Aut-Style Oil Pressure Guage to AN Hardware - KR Newsletter
23MS43 Calgary Baffles Invoice
23MS45 Dynamic prop considerations on the Canard
23MS46 E-Mag installation manual 8-10
23MS46 Hertzler Customer Agreement Purchase Order 12-10
23MS48 Hertzlers instruction on torquing Belleville Washers 1-11
23MS49 Getting the Most Out of Your Silver Bullet rev6 12-13
23MS5 B C Oil Filter Adapter
23MS50 Marvel Schubler Carb
23MS51 Precut Baffle Estimate from Innovage 2-12
23MS52 Mar 11 pg 29 UL Power In Twister UL260 ISA in Twister Light Aviation
23MS53 Girard Prop Ballancer for sale 12-12
23MS53 Spinner Cracking - Hertzler Orr
23MS54 Random discussions on Oil Cooling issues 2-13
23MS56 SE-XFM oil pressure problem by Thorkil Anskov 8-07
23MS57 Belleville Washer Installation 2008
23MS58 Elctroair Ignitions System EIS-1 Instruction Manual by Jeff Rose
23MS58A EIS-1 Instruction manual
23MS59 2005 Ignition Dynamics I by Cafe Foundation
23MS59 site for discussion of engine size flight envelope speed per Vans Aircraft
23MS60 3-17 Electronic Ignition and spark plug gap discussions of Velocity and the Klaus response to
23MS60 Starter needed or not by David Orr and others
23MS61 2005 ignition dynamics II by Cafe Foundation
23MS62 2005 ignition dynamics III by Cafe Foundation
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23MS64 Effects of Oil Temperatures on the Engine - by Franklin Engines and Ben Visser - oil expert
23MS65 Apr16 drawing of Wade Spinner
23MS66 Apr 2016 CATTO-CP-01 - REV3 - Operations and Maintanance Manual-1
23MS67 6-95 PERFORMANCE Propeller Brochure
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23MS70 B C Oil Filter Adapter BC700 Instructions
23MS71 2017 Finally Rid of Those Magnetos Bill Hawley
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23MS73 March 2017 Fixed Wing Break-in Instructions by Lycoming
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23MS75 11-19 Dave Ronnebergs Oil scupper for the injection filter by David Orr
23MS76 Feb 20 TurbAero Turboprop Described
23MS77 Dec13 Lycoming Engine description SSP-110-1 Certificated Engines
23MS78 Jun12 Discussion on having pipes short of trailing edge of cowl creating an eductor system by
23MS78 Jun12 Discussion on having pipes short of trailing edge of cowl creating an eductor system by
23MS79 Jun12 Creating a Clean Ram Air Mod for the Berkut by James Redmon
23MS80 Mar20 Slick Magneto Service Bulletin for 2016-2018 impulse coupled Mags
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23MS91 ... Summary of NASA papers on engine cooling on air cooled engines.doc
23MS91 ~87 Discussion of Oil Cooler Installation in the cowl of the cowl of the Voyager - several lo
23MS93 Jun 2013 ITG Air Filter Oiling instruction (N540RR).pdf
23MS94 Jun 2013 ITG Air Filter Cleaner Instructions (N540RR).pdf
23MS95 unk date Fuel Pump, Facet Solid state electronic fuel pump install..pdf
23MS95-2 Facet Fuel Pump install pg 2.pdf
23MS97 Sep 2021 Connecting Rod - Lycoming Service Bulletin bushing Inspection.pdf
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23SA46 oil pressure failure troubleshooting
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23SA55 Jan 17 pg
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23SA63-2 Mar 2007 spark plug maintenance.pdf
23SA63-3 Spark Plug Maintenance.pdf
23SA63-4 Mar 2007 spark plug maintenance.pdf
23SA63-5 Mar 2007 spark plug maintenance.pdf
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23SII30 5-17 Cooling the Beast
23SII31 Dec17 Baffle Seals done by a master Dave Ronneberg
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23SIII11 2-12 John Barons changing main seal and guard
23SIII12 Feb 2012 Balancing a 3 blade prop - Catto
23SIII13 Spinner Cracking - Hertzler Orr
23SIII14 12-13 Dick Rutan on E-Mag and Randall on EFFI ignition
23SIII15 Feb 2012 Balancing a 3 blade prop - Catto
23SIII16 12-13 Discussion on cowls - Orr
23SIII17 1-14 Gamijectors by Jorge Bujanda
23SIII17 Spinner Cracking - Hertzler Orr
23SIII18 1-21 SkyTek Starter Repair by Marc Borom
23SIII18 12-11 Prop Bolt care hints David Orr
23SIII19 Dec 11 Cleaning injectors - James Redmon
23SIII2 Jul 2011 Extended baffles Oertel
23SIII2 Oertel baffle to lower cowl 7-11
23SIII20 Jan.9 2014 Rough Engine and Borescope - David Viglierchio
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23SIII23 11-15 Augmenter 4 into 1 pipes by Erickson
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23SIII25 8-14 Discussion on Air Intakes
23SIII26 Aug10 Downdraft Cooling by Orr Hertzler and members
23SIII26 Se Comments on the Topic of Downdraft Cooling
23SIII27 12-09 Starter Ring Gear Slippage - David Orr
23SIII28 June 2016 Dave Ronnebergs quick cowl mold technique
23SIII3 Prop Ballancer prototype by Richard Girard 1-13
23SIII30 Cooling the Beast 5-4-17 work in progress
23SIII30 Cooling the Beast updated 2-15-21 work in progress
23SIII30a Cooling the Beast updated 2-15-21 first half
23SIII30b 6-21
23SIII31 Dec17 Baffle Seals done by a master Dave Ronneberg
23SIII33 6-19 Replacement of a Weldon high pressure electric pump with a Spectra Pump by David Orr
23SIII34 Apr20 Discussion on sources of spinners by David Orr
23SIII35 Jun20 Sussing a mag drop on electronic ignition by David Orr
23SIII36 Sep20 Discussion on 4 into 1 pipes and augmentation system by Brian Brown David Orr
23SIII37 Oct 2020 Dave Ronneberg Streamlines the mounting and wiring of an engine - fore ease of fut
23SIII39 2021 Objective tigher cowls - Engine Mount to fit O-540 into Berkut Cowls with updates.docx
23SIII39 Feb 2021 Second run at getting Engine Mount Rings from RV source by David Orr
23SIII4 Feb 2013 Shipping Three blade Props David Orr
23SIII42 June 2021 Cutting back the cowl for better cooling - Dave Ronneberg.docx
23SIII43 Sep 2022 The Intersection of Synthetic Oil and Non-Leaded Fuels by John Caulkins.docx
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23SIII5 Dehydrator system with silica gell - Terry Schubert
23SIII6 May 2013 Modifications for O-320 - David Orr
23SIII7 8-14 Discussion on Comon Frequencies and use of nicknames - David Orr
23SIII7 Chris Wades Brother doing spinners 6-13
23SIII8 O-235 Leading up 7-13
23SIII9 7-13 Where do the Brock Engine Mount - Bill Oertel
23VV1 9-16 Two people discuss Mag Timing installations against a tight firewall location
23VV10 3-15 Hinge installation on cowl instead of screws or cam locks by Andy Millen
23VV11 Apr 2015 Andy Millen on rebuilding your own engine
23VV11 Jun20 Velocity guys lifted Vans discussion on where the oil goes in Lycomings.
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23VV13 5-16 TIO-540 Intercooler by Robert Jackson
23VV14 1-17 Build a Propeller by Ron Needham
23VV14 Building a propeller by Rod Needham
23VV15 2-17 Changing the Oil in your Velocity by Andy Millin
23VV16 Aug17 Turbocharging vs Turbo-Normalizing by 3 Velocity guys
23VV17 6-18 Discussion on Ivo Prop experience with Franklin Engines by Umena Barber
23VV17 6-18 Discussion on Ivo Prop experience with Franklin Engines by Umena Barber Millen Michalk
23VV18 8-18 Speculatioin on the kind of hub would you need for a Catto Variable pitched prop by Davi
23VV18 8-18 Speculation on the kind of hub would you need for a Catto Variable pitched prop by David
23VV18 McCauley C200 series short only Continental and Lycoming 8-18
23VV2 Nov'21 ENGINE_MOUNT_Rubber_Viberation_Isolator (2) sent by Bill Hunter.docx
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23VV22 Jan21 Discussion on removing - installing MT prop and a seal - William Hunter
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23VV8 Feb 2014 Discussion of Velocity guys on cooling
23VV9 1-15 Silicone Baffle construction by Terry Schubert
23VV9 1-15 Silicone Baffle construction by Terry Schubert Dale Martin
23VV9 Jan 2015 Starting in cold weather by Andy Millin
24SIII1 Dec17 Covers for the pipes and wires by Dave Ronneberg
24SIII2 Dec17 Passenger NACA to eyeball vent ala Dave Ronneberg
25CA Jun 2021 Paint your own plane - really by Dennis Oelmann
25CA03 Jul 2022 Paint your own plane by Kent Ashton.docx
25CA03 May 2022 Discussion on Primers by Orr, Fish, Chase.docx
25CA2 Nov 2021 A better Paint Gun by Nick Ugolini.docx
25CZ1 11-18 Hints on Painting a plane by Nick Ugolini
25CZ1 Dec12 Interior Paint discussion collected from E-mails by Ray Schreiner
25CZ2 Jun19 Discussion on Inspection after a paint job
25CZ3 7-19 Good Painting results need good equipment by Nick Ugolini and Stuart Smith
25DO1 Mar15 Discussion on current thinking on finishing by David Orr
25FA2 Jan19 Changing your tail number FAA instructions and Orr comments.
25MS3 2009 AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings
25SA3 Sep 87 pg 35 Color them Cool - on Paint temperatures Ben Owen
25SA8 Nov 16 pg 10 Wrapped UP - Applying vinyl as an alternative to paint by Randy Ott
25SIII1 Art Craft Paint experience David Orr
25SIII2 Never Wet review by Dave Dent 10-13
25SIII3 Nov14 Changing Tail number and Airworthiness letter by David Orr
25SIII5 Feb15 Vinyl Wrapping aircraft - Jeff Cloud
25VV4 Apr 2016 Finishing by Andy Millen
25VV5 Jun20 Dont put stripes near the leading edge of Wings or Canard by Orr Hunter Johnston
25Misc Window Edge Treatments.html
25CP01 Oct 1990 CP65 Landing Lights and Cockpit Night Lighting.docx
26EM2 Dec 2005 On Temperfoam or Confer-foam Seat Foam and an LA source RichardT2005.pdf
26MS95 2006 ELT Artex install and registry suggestions.pdf
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26SA2 The Science of Sitting - The Oregon Aero Story by Lauren Paine
26SIII1 Feb 2012 Accommodating your shorter half - David Orr
26VV1 Dec18 VOBA Uncensored ramblings on making upholstery
27AP14 Apr 1999 pg 163 Recklessness or Skill - Flying the Atlantic in a single and other hostile env
27AP15 Atlantic Adventure -Coming to America in a TBM 700 by Thomas Haines
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27AP30 Jan 2011 FAA slant equipment codes for aircraft
27AP31 2008 FAA opinion on the required controls for the instructor mostly applicable to our back se
27AP4 Maintain Thy Groundspeed - Schiff 1-11
27AV1 Jun99 Mixture Magic about lean of peak benefits John Deakin Pelican Perch 18
27AV1 unk date Mixture Magic about lean of peak benefits John Deakin
27AV2 Dec02 Where Should I run my engine Part 1 John Deakin
27AV3 Jan03 Where should I run my engien Part 2 - the Climb by John Deakin
27CA01 Jun20 Knowing your Best Glide Ratio and turnbacks
27CA02 2-21 Varieze strikes wingtip and fence and flips over
27CA03 Mar21 Collection of discussions - engine failure on takeoff advice LoDolce Orr Siegel Carter
27CA05 Oct'21 Paul Saccani on Icing.docx
27CA06 Jan 2022 How do you Wt & Bal when the plane won't stand on 3 wheels without tilting back
27CA07 Jul'22 How hard to transition into a Long-EZ New guy and 5 seasoned heads.docx
27CA07 July 2022 How hard to transition into a Long-EZ New guy and severak seasoned heads.docx
27CA08 Aug 2022 Maybe we should wear parachutes by Bill Allen.docx
27CA09 Dec 2022 FLIGHT TRAINING SUGGESTIONS by Dave Dugas.docx
27CP2 Kreidel on his lightening and icing issues
27CS5 Jul 1994 Ditching in an EZ by Charlie Mottier - gear up.pdf
27CS7 Oct 96 Pg 21 Tips for Gals in Back. Marge Dodge
27CZ05 Oct17 Landing a Canard by Vance Atkinson
27CZ06 2-18 Flying Lean of Peak discussions mostly Darden and Bailey
27CZ07 12-18 What if your plane is longer than the stock Cozy IV Rock Broad Q Marc Zeitlin David Orr
27CZ07 2012 Cross Wind Limits - short discussion
27CZ08 Mar19 Weigh ins and calculations Marc Zeitlin David Orr Simon Ramirez
27CZ09 Sep17 Weight and Balance discussion unknown publication with comments
27CZ10 Feb 2019 If the Prop starts - you need speed to get it rotating again - AirStart by Head Gowa
27CZ13 FAA discussions DARs AD compliance Radio licenses Ramp Checks Over Canada
27CZ15 Jan21 Weight and Balance discussion Barnett Zeitlin
27CZ15 Sep 2012 Discussion on Glide ratio and its calculation by vonDelius Zeitlin Spreuer Froble
27CZ16 Feb 2012 Two different readings of the GUMPS check before landing by Mann McDougal
27CZ17 Apr 2012 Gross Weight vs Takeoff Distance disccusion by Sanders Andres Burton Zeitlin
27CZll Jul-Aug12 Collection of comments on mounting cameras on the airplanes by Hanson totu Hollisto
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27DO2 Map Reading - stop being a dreamy pilot by David Orr
27FA11 FAAs writings assigning short forms for tracking codes 7-14
27FA11-2 supplement on Velocity twin
27FA12 5-15 SAFO15006 Turning on Transponders Alt Encoding and ADSB Out stuff at all airports
27FA13 Aug 2017 Bring on the BasicMed on Drivers License by Brad Zeigler FAA Aviation Safety Analyst
27FA14 Jun18 Greg Haacks input on ICAO Flight Plans
27FA14 May19 FAQ about BasicMed aka Drivers License Medical by FAA
27FA15 summer18 Section 68.9 of the Federal Code Quoted by Cornel Law School Legal Information Insti
27FA17 Mar21 AC 91-92 Pilots Guide to a Preflight Briefing
27FA18 2992 duscivered PILOT INCIDENT INFO REQUEST.docx
27FA18 Mar 1988 FAR 45.29 on size of N-Numbers, and temp for ADIZ
27FA8 John Denver NTSB Report
27III2 7-12 Exchange with member on Oxygen use David Orr
27IP1 1-19 How to use Pre-Departure Clearances and Digital ATIS in Foreflight
27KP6 Oct 2010 Safety is No Accident - about canards vs homebuilts by Ron Wanttaja
27KP6 Safety is no Accident on canard safety in 2008
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27LP4-2 Mountain Flyng.pdf
27LP4-3 Mountain Flying.pdf
27LP5 May 88 pg 9 A Formula for Calculating Percent of Power by Cas Thomas
27MS11 2008 Formation101-2 by Miguel Chabolla
27MS15 Special Issuance Medical
27MS16 Airspace - by Larry Severson Feb 2012
27MS18 May 2012 The Formation Pilot s Knowledge Guide Drew Blahnick
27MS19 Flying High and Fast - Another Reason Why More Power is Not Always a Good Thing by Ken Kruege
27MS19 The Koch Chart - comparing takeoff distance with altitude and temperature
27MS20 2005 10 Grass Runways by Ryszard and Kilbourne
27MS20 Sep 2014 an ode to professional pilots unknown author
27MS21 2008 Permission to fly overseas from EAAs point of view.
27MS21 Heart Health
27MS21 Oct10 Surviving my Long EZ - rules for new owners - Eric Cobb
27MS22 Mar 2016 Ditching of Long EZ G-BLZM by Nick Rushby
27MS23 Discussion on Oxygen Supply and use by Mountain High
27MS24 Nov 18 Oxi-Go QuickCheck Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Ver2.0C26
27MS25 Aug18 LongEZ-Varieze FFI Formation Supplement V2 AUG 15 2018
27MS26 4-08 British LAA Type Acceptance Data Sheet TADS 074A for Long EZ...
27MS27 Dec12 Engine Leaning suggestions by JPI
27MS28 2-21 Former EZ pilot Robert Hodges ditching in the Gulf in a Piper Mirage
27MS28 Jan 2012 Frost on Wings warning from Vance Atkinson
27MS29 May21 RAFE Invitational formation event 6-2021-1
27MS31 LongEZ-Varieze FFI Formation Supplement V2 AUG 15 2018
27MS33 Oct 2021 Revitalizing General Aviation by David Forster.doc
27MS34 Apr 2022 How to get weather in Foreflight with ADS-b by David Forster.docx
27MS35 2010 Oxygen System Flow meter Instructions Mountain High.pdf
27MS36 2010 Oxygen System Oxymizer instructions.pdf
27MS37 2010 Oxygen System instructions.pdf
27SA The FBO Problem by Mac McClennan
27SA15 Sep 1995 Pg 81 Good Sense Engine OPerations Tony Bingelis
27SA19 Mil Instructor to Civilian license
27SA2-1 2014 Pg1 Air Safety Institute Surviving a Forced Landing
27SA21 Red Box Red fin on LOP operation - Busch 12-12
27SA22 Homebuilts Flying IFR page 1
27SA23 Jun 2014 pg 12 Formation Flight Safety part 1 by Charlie Precourt
27SA25 Aug 2014 pg 12 Formation Flight Safety part 3 By Charlie Precourt
27SA27 Jan 15 Pg 30 When Airplanes wear Parachutes
27SA28 Sep 14 pg 28 Human Error - when humans make mistakes working on aircraft by Mike Busch
27SA29 Sep 2017 pg 108 Staying Sharp - Flying proficiency and building by Budd Davisson
27SA3 Sep 98 Pg6 Formation Flying Inc. a parallel to F.A.S.T. Stu McCurdy
27SA30 Sep 2017 pg 68 Flying new Types - degredation of flying skills. by Budd Davisson
27SA31 Sep 2017 pg 42 What s So Dangerous About That - the unkown hazards we carry onboard by Robert
27SA32 Medical Reform is Real - years of effort by EAA and AOPA
27SA33 Jul 2016 pg 12 Formation Flight Safety Part 2 by Chrlie Precourt
27SA34 Traffic Pattern Tactics by Mac McClellan
27SA35 The FBO Problem by Mac McClennan
27SA36 Sep 14 pg 12 Retractable Gear rebuttals by Foster and summary of JDNewman s gear
27SA37 Feb 19 pg 38 Revisiting Engien Failure Training Building Proficiency in handling the unexpect
27SA38 Apr 20 page 38 Engine Out - By the Numbers - Practice Leads to Preparedness by Charlie Precou
27SI1 EZFormationFlying Adobe
27SI1 Formation Briefing
27SIII1 On Radio practice disk and San Diego Tower rebroadcast - Laudani and Orr
27SIII10 Feb 2015 Oxygen Sensors for leaning - Bruce Hughes
27SIII12 7-16 Lightening and composite aircraft by Hunter and Borger
27SIII12 June19 On getting an FAA card for airshow formation by Zadow and Orr
27SIII13 Apr04 Long Article on forced landing survival kits by Tim LoDolce
27SIII14 Aug04 A summary of equipement rules for IFR and VFR flight by Rob Walty
27SIII15 Aug21 High Altitude Takeoff and Landing by the Colorado Members
27SIII16 Aug 2020 Tie Down points the Berkut way - Redmon and Zeitlin.docx
27SIII17 5-19 trip report to and from Bahamas - David Orr
27SIII3 6-12 Forced Landing on lake in Switzerland
27SIII3 April 2021 Answering an owner on why the Pitch Trim doesnt have a clutch like the Cessna sys
27SIII3 Oct-Nov 2011 Cockpit Space Management - David Orr
27SIII4 Feb 2014 Can a CFI give another CFI a flight review in a tandem 2-14
27SIII5 July 2011 Experimentals talk to FAA- EAA
27SIII6 Mar 2004 Discussion on flying out of shorter runways - David Orr
27SIII8 Feb 2010 Takeoff - Turnback preparation
27SIII9 Weather Briefing by iPad 12-14 Foreflight
27VV Jun14 Karl Warner summary of takeoff distance issues
27VV10 3-17 Adding Nitrous for takeoff by Alan Shaw
27VV12 2-18 A more complete weigh in by Bill Hunter
27VV5 May 2014 Discussion on Velocity XL Wt Bal
27VV7 12-15 SHOCK COOLING Comment by Andy Millin
27VV8 Dec 2015 Converting to a 5 seater by Reiff Lorenz
27VV9 2-17 IFR Training plan suggested by Vic Taylor
27CA19 Jan 2023 Marc Zeitlin's reasons for insisting on a survey of ADs for yearly inspections.docx
27CZ18 Dec'2022 A Different Way of doing a Weight and Balance - Marc Zeitlin.docx
28CA02 Dec 2021 First Flight test card by Tom Jewett.docx
28CA03 Feb 2022 Why do an Oil Analysis by John Caulkins
28CS01 June 86 pg24 Long EZ Inspection Checklist
28CZ02 Oct17 Mark Zeitlins well tested Pre-Buy and inspection checklist
28CZ04 May Sep18 Fuel Flow Blockages Fuel Flow tests - Wick Dixon Lumpp Stearns Ventura Sanders Orr
28CZ15 Sep12 New Fuel Selector handle by Ernest Braud Miller Schubert Walsh Smith Orr
28DO01 Oct 91 Maintenance Log by David Orr
28EZ01 Sep 1999 First Flight of N10LZ by George Schell.docx
28IA01 Ian Ayton s Log book showing complete 40 hour test program Dec 84
28IAI Ayton 40 hour test program
28KP06 Aug 98 Pg 74 The Engien Beat Can you really be your own A P by John M. Larsen
28LP06 The Annual Inspection certified by Michael Barry
28MS01-1 1995 Long-EZ Checklist.pdf
28MS07 Aug 96 single page summary of Yearly Inspection of EZ
28MS08 Surviving My Long EZ by Eric Cobb
28MS09 360-EZ Checklist
28MS10 Long EZ Checklist by Uhler 10-13
28MS11 5-16 Engineered Propulsion Systems leverages CGI for diesel aviation engine
28MS11 The Savvy Aviator by Mike Busch
28MS12 Checklist of Long EZ ZK-LEZ
28MS13 Aug 19 Let s get physical-about pre-buy inspections in Light Aviation magazine by Jerry Parr
28MS14 2013 What maintenance can the owner perform on an Experimental Aircraft .docx
28MS15 Nov 2022 Dynon screen failures and home repair by Del Schier.docx
28MS6 4-1-03 Operating Limitations 4-1-03 piston-1
28SA12 Jul 18 pg 30 Top 5 Trouble Areas on a New Homebuilt by Lisa Turner
28SA14 Judgment Call - Charlie Precourt high speed taxi
28SA15 Jun 2013 Work Harder Work Smarter by Lauran Paine on Exp Safety
28SA17 Jan 15 The Perfect Mechanic by Mike Busch
28SA19 EAA answer to question on who can do Maintenance 11-02
28SA20 Feb 2015 pg 34 The Decision Point - It s time to sit down with your IA by Mike Busch
28SA21 Mar 2017 The Al-Important First Start by Steve Ells
28SA23 Aug 2018 pg 126 FLIR for the Shop by Brian Carol Carpenter
28SA24 Apr 2020 pg 100 First Flights - you and your airplane by Vic Syracuse
28SIII01 Feb 2012 Discussion on Maintenance guides and weight and balance
28SIII02 Jul 20-11 When diagnosing a problem - remember the back side - David Orr
28SIII03 May 2011 New Airworthiness Letter - David Orr
28SIII04 June 2015 Example of new 5 page Airworthiness Operating Conditions 6-15
28SIII05 March 1984 One page Operating Limitations
28SIII07 Mar 2007 Annual Inspection Checklsit by Al Hodges
28SIII08 3-21 Transitions training RG endorsement Insurance issues for new Canard pilot Zeitlin Orr
28SIII09 2019 & 2022 Where should your breather exit - Ronneberg, Holliston, Savier.docx
28VV01 3-16 How to Clean your Velocity by Andy Millen
28VV02 6-16 Velocity summary of who can do work on experimentals Reiff Lorenz
28VV03 Nov16 Velocity Condition Inspection by Michael Collier
28VV04 Jan19 Inspection Checklist - massive for Velocity REV 10
28VV04 Jan19 Velocity Aircraft Safety Inspection Checklist
28VV05 Feb19 Transition Training by Rene Dugas
28VV06 Velocity Inspection Checklist by Bill Hunter and Friends 11-22.pdf
29AO6 Mar 91 pg 120 Flying the Mediterranean - Post Card by Wm Stetz
29AP19 Oct 94 pg 112 Around the World in SIx Years by Peter Kingsley
29AP20 Jul 96 pg62 To the end of the world and back by Peter Bedell
29AP27 Jun 99 pg-C-3 Shelter Cove by Marc Cook
29AP41 Bahamas Calling
29AP43 Dec 2014 Medical denied Tips to try to get it back - AOPA Pilot Protection Services
29AP44 AOPA on 12 inch numbers from Canada
29AP6 Flying the Med
29CA03 Jun 2022 Izzy Briggs planned North Atlantic flight with comments by Marc Zeitlin.docx
29CA03 Jun 2022 Izzy Briggs planned North Atlantic flight with comments by Marc Zeitlin.docx
29CA1 Jun 2021 Effects of Chemicals on Hearing by Marlon Gunderson
29CA2 Aug 2021 Good hiking at Glacier National Park by Preston Kavanaugh
29CZ1 Jun19 Travel from Texas to Panama. Olive Rhodius Orr
29CZ2 Sep20 Zeitlins Across America trip with his son.
29CZ3 Nov20 Load testing a Canard by Skovbjerg Saccani Zeitlin Rutan Savier
29DO5 Cross Country Long EZ Kit - David Orr
29DO6 Tour to Alaska
29DO8 Touring the South Island of New Zealand by David Orr
29DO9 Apr19 A long cross country from Los Angeles to the Bahamas by David Orr
29FA8 Build Your own Personal Survival Kit FAA
29FL1 Jan 2015 Pilots in Paradise Flying the Bahamas Out Islands by Sam Weigel
29IF1 Sep 85 pg 6 Light Aircraft Transatlantic Flying by Peter Lert
29III14 4-18 Bahama Bash18 Grand Turk Puerto Rico by David Orr
29KP2 Mar 95 pg 30 Adventure of a Lifetime - Glasair by Ken Johnson
29KP7 Jun 96 pg. 26 Flight of the White Lightning - Two Texas adventurers fly a homebuilt to Europe
29KP8 Aug19 Traveling to all 50 States by Dave Lind
29MS30 Sep14 SARL Racing by Jeff Barnes
29MS32 Jun96 Transport Canadas letter on rules and regs
29MS47 Boulder CO to Qatar in a Cessna 172 jun09 Ken Gross
29MS48 Accident in Mexico Rick Talbot Sum09
29MS50 Alaska the EZ way by Dave Haggard 2008
29MS52 5-2005 Travelling abroad in a Permit Aircraft 2 PFA
29MS54 Bahama Bash2011
29MS54 Bahamas Info Packet Curtis Wray 3-11
29MS55 Turks Caicos comment on expermentals 11-12
29MS56 Aug 2012 Rutan Fly-in a labor of love - by Hilda Fivecoat
29MS57 Char Spencers RACE results 10-13
29MS58 Carrying a Concealed Weapon on Private Airplane 11-13
29MS59 Dec13 Char Spencer on starting a Canard Flyin 12
29MS6 4-89 Survival Equipment Source List Life Rafts-Vests
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29MS63 Nov 2008 Permission to fly overseas from EAAs point of view.
29MS64 International Preflight Checklist
29MS65 1-18 Adam Valdez pre-DAR inspection checklist and documents
29MS67 Feb 2019 Sporty s Ipad News on using the iPad for the Carribean
29MS69 Making Astronauts in Mojave KCET by Kim Stringfellow
29MS70 Apr 18 Tourist map of Puerto Rico
29MS71 2017 Vieques Tourist Map East of Puerto Rico
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29MS73 Apr 19 Pg 14 Colorado Aviation Museum Celebrating Aviator Dwight Eisenhower KGNB
29MS74 Jun19 Southern Living article on Hilton Head Island
29MS75 1-20 San Clemente Island trip by David Klassing
29MS76 So You Want to Fly in NZ
29MS76-1 Nov-Dec19 pg 7 So You Want to Fly in New Zealand by Gary Schank.jpg
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29MS78 Jan 20 pg 4 Back in the USA from New Zealand by Gary Schank.
29PF7 Mar 2004 Agua Dulce Airpark L70
29PG31 May 11 The Southern Flyer Diner - A slice of Americana in Texas about Brnham Muni Airport 11R
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29PP6 Jun 1990 Pg 14 Jump the Big Pond II - Accross the Mediterranean and thousands of years of hist
29SA10 Jan 2016 pg 28 Join the Club - increasing your flight safety through type club participation
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29SA12 May 18 Camping Provides the Full Oshkosh Experience by Beth Stanton
29SA2 Atlantic Crossing in a Pitts Apr 86 pg 57 By Jean Song
29SA8 Aug 2014 Pg 68 Ferry Flight to China by Mark Phelps
29SA9 The Bahamas Beckon by Mac McClellan
29SIII1 Jan 2013 Dutch view of Homebuilts
29SIII10 Oct10 Kanab Flyin described by Marc Zeitlin
29SIII11 10-10 Beagle Visits French Canard guys
29SIII12 Sep10 Kanab Flyin by David Orr
29SIII13 Oct10 Klamath Falls Flyin
29SIII17 5-19 trip report to and from Bahamas - David Orr
29SIII17 5-19 Trip to Bahamas expenses - David Orr
29SIII17 Apr 2021 West Coast to Bahamas with Weather David Orr
29SIII2 4-13 Bahamas Flyin Turks Caicos
29SIII3 Nov 2013 - Crossing the North Atlantic - David Orr
29SIII4 Sep 2011 Description of Oceano Airport
29SIII5 Sep 2011 Round Worlders by Andre Rousseau
29SIII6 Sep 2011 Google Earth view of Oshkosh
29SIII7 Mar 2014 Flying in Italy
29SIII8 1-11 Corona Airport Flood
29SIII9 Dec09 Flight to Shannon in N12ET in 1987 by Sid Tolchin
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30CZ1 Cozy III POH v1 0
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30CZ4 Oct19 Operating Costs Cozy guys discussion
30CZ5 Jan21 Marc Zeitlins Personalized Pilots Operating Handbook
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30DF2 Jun 99 DF48-3 Twin Fever - why we buy twins by Jerry Chasteen
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30KP4 Here Come the Defiants
30KP5 Flying the Defiant
30KP6 Transcontinental Hop in Defiant Downie
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30KP48 Cozy closely trails Long EZs 2-86
30KP49 A Comfortable Arrangement Cozy improves on Long EZ 2-86
30KP50 Creator of the Cozy - Nat Puffer by Don Downey 2-86
30KP51 Cozy Builders - find plans a cut above the originals 2-86
30KP52 Apr 2020 Where Have All the Homebuilts Gone by Ron Wanttaja
30MS1 Unconventional Aircraft chapter on history of canards
30MS4 July17 Rutans report of SkiGull Flight 6
30MS10 5-16 Harbor Freight s Portable Stands 20
30MS20 4-16 Use of Shockwatch2 in shipments to see G loads by Abu-Robb
30MS21 Sneeky Pete Revealed
30MS22 unkn date Cozy III POH v1 0
30MS23 N258DC POH rev1 1 2005 edition
30MS30 Newspaper about Dennis Oelmans avocation 10-10
30MS31 Aerocanard Brochure 7-13
30MS32 10-13 Broker on Insuring Velocity Aircraft
30MS33 Feb 2014 Raptor and V-Raptor websites.
30MS35 Flight Test- Berkut by Craig Schmitman
30MS37 Mar 1993 pg 96 Berkuit L Evoluzione - by Gianni Cortese
30MS37 Sep73 BD5 Ref to Youtube Demo flight followed by Viggen demo
30MS38 Dec 2014 Velocity Ads from Latin America
30MS38 Dec 2016 Voyager 30 yrs Celebration
30MS40 Glass Panel musings for RV-9
30MS42 Current 1-16 Unofficial history of Velocity aircraft
30MS43 1995 E-Racer Brochure of Shirlan Dickey
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30MS49 July17 Rutans report of SkiGull Flight 6
30MS50 6-10 Rocket Racing League article By Aerospace Testing Intl
30MS50 Berkut G-REDX PFA Flight report 5-99 by McVitie
30MS51 7-17 Hydraulic Main gear wiring and Airspeed switch - Ronneberg
30MS52 2001 Berkut Weight Balance form
30MS53 Danneberg describing going to watch the Spaceship1 first trip into Space
30MS54 Aug 20 2018 Virgin Galactics Rocket Man about Mark Stuckey by the NewYorker
30MS56 9-18 Aspen Daily News on the Starship and Robert Scherer
30MS58 unknown date N14CZ full article - qualities report by Ed Kolano
30MS59 5-19 Campbell Jones on building Velocity vs RVs
30MS59 5-19 Campbell on building Velocity vs prior RV6
30MS59 5-19 Campbell Jones Rhodius on building Velocity vs RVs
30MS60 captured 12-19 E-Racer Website by Rock LaRocca
30MS61 3-20 Burt and Dick discuss the Voyager takeoff issues 33 years later
30MS62 2002 Brief essay on the Voyager program by Burt Rutan
30MS63 Apr20 Super Petrel purchase by Burt Rutan and orientation flights
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30SA72 Oct 19 pg 70 N31WW over lake at Oshkosh
30SA74 Apr 19 pg 50 Double Trouble - Recurrent training in a light twin by Robert Rossier
30SA75 Jan 19 pg 40 EAA s New Flight Test Manual is Here - a task based approach to Phase 1 by Charl
30SA76 Dec 18 Pg 66 Buying A Flying Homebuilt - can range from being a wonderful experience to one t
30SA77 Feb 20 pg 24 Traps and Tips for the Second Hand Homebuilt Owner by Lisa Page
30SA78 Cover A Very Storied VariVIggen about Charles Spinelli s Aircraft by Beth Stanton
30SA79 May 20 pg 30 Second Hand Homebuilt Owner Part 2 by Lisa Page
30SA80 May 20 pg 80 The Biggest Question in Homebuilding - The Answer May Surprise You by Vic Syracu
30SA81 Jun 20 pg 76 Fitting the Sport Plane to the Mission by Budd Davisson
30SA84 Oct 19 Flyleaf Velocity in the Canard parking at Osh
30SIII1 8-12 Flying Velocity Tin
30SIII2 11-13 The Berkut Engineering molds for sale
30SIII3 Long EZ ZK-LET is now a Jet by Sir Minty
30SIII4 Aug 2011 Other kit canards and twin pushers - David Orr
30SIII5 Jul 2011 Australian Aviation article on Cozy
30SIII6 Aug 2011 The Twin EZs and new canard derivatives - David Orr
30SIII7 Jan 2011 VariJet - Australian Varieze with Turbomeca
30SIII8 5-14 About the SkiGull May 2014 Burt Rutan
30SIII9 Mar15 SkiGull by Burt Rutan - longer description
30SIII11 May 2021 Flying to Europe question - some answers... by David Orr
30SIII11 May20 Comparing the Cozy III with E-Racer by Shirlan Dickey
30VV9 2014-03 Velocity Mailing
30VV10 1stqtr 99 Firefly by Duane Swing
30VV11 Jan15 Announced twin turbo Velocity Twin by Scott
30VV12 recd 10-16 Velocity XL POH
30VV13 2-17 Comments on two Velocity wing types and lower winglets by Larry Epstein and earlier comm
30VV13 2-17 Comments on two Velocity wing types and lower winglets by Larry Epstein
30VV14 1991 Velocity 173 Brochure
30VV15 Jan19 What is the most common engine used for the Velocity XL mostly Reiff Lorenz
30VV15 May 18 Pre-buys by Lisa Turner
30VV16 36LV Weight Balance XL5RG
30VV17 unknown date Velocity Stanard 173 FG and RG Owners Flight Manual - scanned
30VV19 Velocity XL-RG Pilot
30VV19 Velocity XL-RG Pilots Operating Handbook by Don Johnston 1-21
30AV1 Nov 2021 Airplane Sales Go Haywire by Paul Bertorelli.docx
30VV21 2020 A summary of the various Velocity models by Reiff Lorenz.docx
31VV05 Jan 2022 When should you register your project or airplane - comments by Lorenz & Orr
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31AP11 AOPA on getting Airmans Certificate 6-12
31AP13 2009 AOPA on shipping a plane overseas or from overseas
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31AV2 The Savvy Aviator 4 Debunking TBO - AVweb Features Article
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31CP1 Long EZ Mandatory Ground
31CP1b two more added
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31CZ3 9-17 What is required on a Data Plate by Bill Hunter
31CZ7 Jun17 Youtube idea for an aircraft tug
31DO1 May 2021 A Container for a Berkut - by David Orr
31FA4 NASA Form
31FA7-1 8050-1 Application for A-C Registration
31FA9 FAA sample Experimental Operation Limitations Example for Berkut N258DC Pg 1
31FA10 on Noise outside the US May 2010 ICAO Annex 16
31FA11 4-11 Application for US Airworthiness Certrification 8130-6
31FA12 8-09 8130-12 Eligibility Statement Amateur-Built Aircraft
31FA13 8050-1 Application for A-C Registration
31FA13 ICAO Flight plan as found 5-18
31FA14 Greg Haack on ICAO Flight plans Canadian Step by step instructions 6-18
31FA14 Greg Haack on ICAO Flight plans 6-18
31FA15 ICAO Annex 07 - Aircraff Nationality and Registration Marks
31FA17 9-04 FAA General Operating anf Flight Rules for experimental aircraft page 1
31MS11 Registration - 3 year schedule website
31MS12 Using NX tail numbers 10-10-10
31MS12 Woodward on changing Tail numbers 12-11
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31MS15 Ocean shipping a Rutan designs - Huhn 1-13
31MS16 Dec 8 2013 Use of Trusts by Foreign Owner-Operators by Gerhard Schauble
31MS17 5-14 Canedy on County Tax bill reversed
31MS17 Radio Station License 6-12
31MS18 Adam Valdez Instruction Sheet
31MS19 Request Letter to Adam Valdez for Airworthiness Letter
31MS21 12-16 Aircraft Guarantee Corporation Ad on registering in the US
31SA15 Pre-buys
31SA31 FAA Operating Limitations
31SA33 Feb 10 pg 14 Co-Ownership - making the aircraft of your dreams more affordable by Kent Misega
31SA34 Aug 2014 pg 28 Mechanics Liability by Mike Busch
31SA35 pg 26 Pre-buy Examinations by Mike Busch
31SA37 Mar 99 pg 86 Aviation Law Tragedy by Jack harrington and Alan Farkas
31SIII1 Oct 2013 The 50 Rule to be Maintenance Airman Orr-Zeitlin
31SIII2 Sale of a Homebuilt - EAA and Orr
31SIII3 Aug14 Discussion on ELT Requirements coming up.
31SIII4 Nov 2014 Old Guys have a Canard Living Will by David Orr
31SIII5 Oct18 transporting a Long EZ with wings on a small trailer by Greg Retkowski
31VV2 Nov16 Getting Ready for a DAR Inspection - Velocity guys
31VV3 3-17 Insurance Understanding Aircraft Liability Insurance by Victor Taylor
32MS1 2017 AV2 AV3 Sunglass ad

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