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Welcome Canard Owners
This is the Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA) and the new home of the Central States Association (CSA) newsletter! In addition to the quarterly publication, COBA serves enthusiasts of Rutan-designed and Rutan-inspired canard aircraft by providing an online repository for photos, articles, news, and forum conversations.

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CSA / COBA Newsletter 
Fall 2020 issue is now available

In the October 2020 Issue of the COBA / CSA Magazine:
• Get 34 years of CSA Magazine back issues on a flash drive
• Canards over Georgia 2020
• Long-EZ main gear upgrade part II
• Variation on Iwatate's forward brake cylinders
• Under-fuselage access panel modification
• First flight of N835MS
• Brian Martinez's Defiant Derivative aircraft
• Aileron torque tube corrosion
• Cricut custom gaskets and vinyl labels
• DAR services
• Checking your baffle seals
• PIREP on Strong pitch control system
• . . . and much more!

A big thanks to all of our contributors:
• Mike Beasley
• Dennis Butler
• Wayne Blackler
• Joe Coraggio
• Marco Crivellari
• Vern Darley
• Allen Floyd
• Simon Janvrin
• Harry Manvel
• Terry Schubert
• Torger Totusek

Subscribers can download the issue from the Documents section of the web site.

Note: This issue IS being physically mailed to all subscribers who subscribed or renewed before September 1st, except those outside of North America and those who have opted for just digital-delivery.


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