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Welcome Canard Owners
This is the Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA) and the home of Canard Aviation Magazine! In addition to the quarterly publication, COBA serves enthusiasts of Rutan-designed and Rutan-inspired canard aircraft by providing an online repository for photos, articles, news, and forum conversations.

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Canard Aviation Magazine 
Fall 2022 issue is now available


In the Fall 2022 Issue of Canard Aviation Magazine:

• Aircraft Spark Plugs
• Canards West XIX
• Dynon WiFi Problems
• Canard Painting Jig
• Canopy Hold-Down Pawl
• Wider Cowls on an EZ
• Transition Training
• Canards Over Georgia
• Oshkosh 2022 Review
• Long-EZ ELT Installation
• Rick Glos Gone West
• The Rise and Fall of the Phoenix
• Covington Spring Formation Clinic
• Prop Bolt Belleville Washer Update
• Propeller Problems
• 2022 Mid-Georgia Canard Fly-In
• . . . and much more!

A big thanks to all of our contributors:

• John Caulkins
• Tim Fisher
• Dale Martin
• Tom Jewett
• Petra Sobotka
• Roch LaRocca
• David Adams
• Alan Thayer
• Afif Saybe
• Don Berlin
• Jim Springer
• Marc Zeitlin
• Mike Beasley

Members / subscribers can download the issue from the Documents section of the web site.

Note: This issue IS being physically mailed to all subscribers in every country who subscribed or renewed before August 31st, except those who have opted for just digital-delivery.


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Canard Calendar

Get the best photos from our community each month in a calendar format. Download the picture and print it or use it as your computer desktop image. A big thanks to members Tom Carey and Izzy Briggs for creating the calendar pages.

Download the full-resolution version from the Canard Calendar Photo Album.

Canard Calendar

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